A Halloween tale: “How Boney Lost One”


Last night, I went out with a friend of mine.  We ventured out to a bar that we never usually go to and last night was one of the many reasons why.  So there was a very loud band playing.  They were good (don’t get me wrong) but not that good that we needed to give them our whole attention.  That’s when it hit me!  On stage I made eye contact with one of the members.  Man, this guy really knew how to speak to my soul!  He was glowing and for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of him!

As I listened to the band continue to play like a carnival street organ, I just peered deeply into the depths of his body.  That’s when I came under his trans and got sucked into “his story”.

His name was Boney.  He was tall and slender.  VERY handsome.  He was just like any other member of some crazy rock and roll band.  He was just amazing.  He was addicted to Pixie Stix at the age of 10, joined his first band at 13 and departed on his Huffy 5 Speed leaving his mother crying.  (What a character!  He left me “hanging on” for more!)  He toured the country as well as parts of Europe and Australia.  He even got into trouble fighting a real life Zombie!  Oh yeah…. that’s how he lost his arm.  That set him back a few months.  But, Boney remained strong!

He continued to play despite his new disability.  The band members started to get jealous when Boney became popular.  ALL and I mean ALL of the girls just loved him!  He was getting fan mail from all over. Egypt, France, Taiwan, Neverland….etc.  I cannot confirm or deny the “Neverland” letters but I have a good source that gave me a 92% confirmation that this information was true.  (I even made him swear on his mother’s cookbooks!! That’s legit you know!)  Well anyways, this jealousy got so bad that the band turned on Boney!  (GASP!)

Now I won’t go into great details as to what happened because it is just so sad (tear).  But, long story short, the other member’s chased Boney into a wide-open field where he tripped on his own foot and broke his leg.  It was so bad, they had to rush him to the ER and they had no other choice but to cut his leg off.   (I told you this was bad!)   Well you know how I told you Boney was strong…. well now he was a little discouraged.  The band felt so bad about what happened that they knew they had to do something.  SO they made him the lead singer!  What a complete honor!

Little did I realize I had become a little zombie like myself!  My friend had to no body to talk to and I kind of left her standing cold.  She slugged me and that got the blood flowing!  OH Boney was SO dreamy I had to share this picture of him with you!

Audience, meet Boney! Isn't he dreamy?