Hungry for Bandido’s…or Gingervitus?


So I am driving home from work when my sister Claire calls me whining she is hungry.  This is a usual thing at my household considering she is ALWAYS eating!!!  Well she suggests we go to a local restaurant Bandido’s for some food!  She is a good con artist into talking me into getting food.  Well we ventured out seeing as we were the only 2 home this evening.  As we are getting seated, our waiter was laying the “schmoozing” on reaaaaalllly thick.  I mean like thicker than blue cheese.  Claire can’t stop laughing and she claimed that just as he saw my face–he lit up!  Weirdo!  Well the best part of everything is when he brought out our food.  Here’s for daughter and here’s for mom (WHAT?!)  Uh…  Big sister.  His reaction=priceless!  OH, I was going to say…you look great for having a kid this age!  UH…if I had a kid that was 13…I would have been 13 when I had her…and that is DEFINITELY a problem.  He recovered; however he proceeded to stalk me.  He actually “came over” to talk.  I am just trying to enjoy my little sisters company and this creep wouldn’t leave us alone.

Not to sound prejudice against red-heads or anything but, I don’t want to catch your gingervitus.  NOT cool.

So Claire continue to eat and laugh and ask for a to-go box.  On our way out, he goes “so I will see you around again right??”  oh sure….blah!  Get a life tool bag.

Ode to the Creepers that hit on suspected MILFS…

There once were some single ladies,  Who just wanted to eat.  They sat and ordered patiently as the man waited on hand and knees.

Please leave us be now– kind sir for you are kind of being a creep, my sister–yes sister and I…we just want to EAT!

I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to lead you on, I don’t want you to ask for my number I just want you to be gone!

So as we asked for the bill, and we’re still carrying on, this man just comes at random times simply to check in…

We take our leftovers and walk right out as the man gives us a shout “we will see you soon, I hope?” our response is “sure you dope!”

All in all a lesson learned, don’t call a girl a mom when she is merely a twerp.  Common sense when needing a good tip, don’t act like I am a mom or old enough to have a kid.

Gingers and creepers beware, stay away from the Manning women, they are sure to scare!

🙂    The end…..

Creeps and Gingers beware!! STAY AWAY!


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