I feel pretty….


Today I am so irritated.  I have a zit, a HUGE zit on my face that is red and as irritated as I am!  I spend more than a week getting supplies, writing personalized notes, and making these little red boxes look amazing and then SHIPPING screwed it up!  It not only makes me look bad because my name was on it, but it makes the company look bad, it makes everyone look bad.  It makes me look like I am incompetent.  The best part is when I confronted our shipping guy about it, he merely shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes.

A friend of mine told me this stuff just happens and you have to recover and move on…so moving on…Little Devil 1-Catie 0.

So on a lighter note, I was researching a few things today.  I was researching sensitive souls.  You see everyone has one fatal flaw.  For me, it’s caring too much.  I am emotionally attached to too many things, try to care about things I cannot change, and I am really lacking boundaries in my own life.  I feel like this is part of my struggle at work.  I know this struggle is only temporary but, it is just a turbulence patch.  It helps knowing I am not the only one that this happen to…  🙂 My friend Joanna and I are rowing in the same boat this morning.  At least I remembered deodorant  😉

My affirmation for today is this:     “I feel pretty and I feel witty and gay!” …..


Yes… I went there.  Enjoy the rest of your charming day!  GO TEAM!