Some days!


I feel lazy.  Unmotivated.  Unwilling to get off my butt to get my work done so that I can sleep soundly knowing that I am bringing everything to FL and forgetting nothing here.  Some days I despise packing…other days it’s totally fine!

I took a painting over to the craft store to get framed and I need to pick that up still, pick up my medicine (I feel like I am in geriatrics sometimes….), and still get packed.  I have to be the organized one.  I also want to gather some books to bring.

Today, I did stain two jewelry boxes.  (Mark it down, I did do something!)  I am making everyone’s X-mas gifts this year.  I figure everyone always gets what they want from the store or where ever anyways, why not put some thought and creative energy into it?  So I don’t be surprised if you get something totally just created by CatMan.  They will be fabulous I can assure you.



Well now I must be productive.  Have a great Sunday! DEUCES!