For further review…


So despite my better judgement, I am blogging right now.  It has been a crazy day.  Little quirky things have been going on all day.  Little things that make the day go crazier because nothing is as according to plan.  We definitely were flying by the seat of our pants!

Mr. Y and I worked a half of a day today and then went to the airport for the where we waited to get thru the long line of security at Fort Wayne’s airport.  It took FOREVER.  SIGH.  I also have been trying to learn sign language.  Well I was sitting in the terminal and I was practicing my alphabet.  Another lady signed me back!  I saw her from the corner of my eye kind of giggling a bit so I looked over and she signed me back!  It was pretty cool I am not going to lie.

I love people watching in an airport.  I love airports in general because there is so much culture and emotion there.  It is fabulous!  Also looking at what people are wearing.  It is pretty bad when you see people in heels, or better yet like they are going to a congo.  There are the theatric old women that wander thru as though they are the queen and the nerdy guys with the graphic tees and dark rimmed glasses.  Love it!  Or the family flying for the first time with their little bitty one  🙂  It all makes me so happy.

Culture, culture, culture!

Today I have been going in and out of it though not going to lie.  We land at the airport, taxi for 15 minutes until they can find a gate for us to go to, then rental car stuff was all mixed up.  (currently listening to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl–you know this is my favorite song ever!!!)  So we land, get our luggage then like I said UUUooooAAAAHHH the rental stuff.  We eventually got our car after walking probably about 1 mile to figure out where we could pick it up!  We were up and down elevators, thru the tunnel, but then you had to go up a level….it was rather confusing.  Mr. Y and I then got out and about and we were off to the hotel.

The hotel only could find one of the two rooms we bought as being ours!  So another few minutes later they got that figured out and now we are right next to each other.  I got all of my stuff unpacked and such and now I am ready to hit the bed!



Which bed do I choose?  Oh this might be a problem…  🙂

Have a great Tuesday loves!

xoxo, CatMan