“Catch the sun before it’s gone”


First off, ANYONE that says Fort Wayne IN has medians everywhere has never been to Orlando!  There are a bazillion of them literally!  Today I had a free day with Mr.Y.  Both of us could not have gone straight to the show after flying.  We had been mildly under the weather, semi stressed out, and over all just had to get organized enough that it wouldn’t be enough for us to justify it.

Today we ventured SE to Cocoa Beach.  It was beautiful and wonderful.  We made a lot of friends.  It was well worth it.  I talked to the ladies in Dunkin’ Donuts, I got hit on by a kid on the beach and he was pretty cute, met a painter who does wonderful work…he was a trip, collected sea shells with the children and just laid out some.

Cocoa Beach as painted by Jeff

Note to Male hitting on a Female: Please don’t talk about yourself like you are the best thing since sliced bread.  Please don’t ask a girl to lift her sunglasses up so he can see your face, or show her your muscular thigh thinking it might impress her….because guess what it won’t and if you are lucky her thighs might be better looking than yours.  ALSO, just because you work as a personal trainer, it doesn’t mean shit!  🙂  I am just saying.  Ok now that that is off my chest.  No but picture it like this skinny wannabe buff guy, flat billed white Hurley hat, Ray Ban’s, and then shaved chest and try to take the man seriously….


So probably should have prefaced this situation a bit:  Mr. Y and I are staying in Orlando.  We drove an hour away to go to Cocoa Beach.  It was a nice easy drive and we got there around 10am.  I picked up 30 SPF sunscreen.  The spray kind.  I thought that I was being so proactive.  Yeah.  Now that you know that…….I am going to continue…..


We spent from 10-3 pm at the beach.  I made friends with the parking lot guy (per usual).  He was from Chicago (couldn’t tell his accent AT ALL) and he moved down here with his wife and family about 10 years ago and not been back since.  He owned a car dealership.  Interesting huh?  Well anyways….Mr. Y and I rented chairs and sat out all day in the sun.  I sprayed my body all over then had Tom reinforce it.

I played in the waves, looked for sea shells with the children playing on the beach, making fun of the life guards whom were having quite a social hour…, we talked and made friends with Jeff the painter who was actually a pretty cool dude.  Originally from FL, then lived in Hawaii, and some other areas.  He paints with Acrylics.  I was so amazed by his beautiful shots of the beach…they were just fabulous.  But, he has been doing it for 20 years….

ANYWAYS, when we were ready to go, we gathered our stuff and got in the car.  We went to a place that was recommended by Jeff the painter.  We had to pull several U-turns…when we get there…Greek Food.  We both get the beer battered Flounder.  It wasn’t all the way done so we just kind of rushed on out of there ($40) later….at least the root beer was good!  SO, we just drove back to Orlando.  Well the thing is we just kind of winged it and the GPS got pissy.  REALLY irritating when you are going the right way and it keeps telling you to turn around…so finally we get back and showered.  When I stepped into the bathroom area OH DEAR GOSH! I realized just how bad my tan was!  I was splotchy burnt everywhere!  Talk about a sun screen fail….or maybe operator error?  I bought some $10 aloe and then Mr. Y and I ventured for dinner….since we didn’t want to get sick on BAD FISH.

TGI Fridays, a sangria, an apple martini, and nachos later life is good!  Best dinner ever and we were close to home!  All in all crazy day!  Now I prep for tomorrow and sleep!