What’s up with that?


So this week has been full of surprises.  Today was Thanksgiving.  What an amazing day.  Although I must tell you much of my problems started yesterday.

First of all I want to set the record straight…beer bottles are dangerous!  Being mischievous at a bar, second off is definitely not a good idea.  I love visiting and dancing with people!  Making friends is my specialty!  If I could have a profession of any kind, it would be to talk and connect everyone known to man.  🙂

Well essentially, what happened long story short, a beer bottle shattered in my hand.  It sliced my hand a good one….probably should have had stitches but there really was nowhere to turn.

It looks worse in person...but you get the idea!

So the inner nurse in me said “rinse and immediately apply pressure”.  My mother who is ACTUALLY a certified Nurse, agreed that I should have gotten stitches but it just wasn’t going to happen!  Sterile strips to the rescue!  So now, I shower with one glove on…no tribute to Michael Jackson I assure you.  I didn’t sleep well last night.

This morning, after mom put me back together, I ran a race with my brother and sister.  It was only 4 miles but, it was over hills and thru a cemetery.   WHOOOAH MOMMA!  That was gruesome…but we made it!  🙂

I pretty much was a slug all day today.  I was whooped.  OH  but, I did do a load of laundry!  That’s being productive….sort of?  Don’t you judge me!  ANYways….we had our family thanksgiving celebration this evening at 5pm.  It was fabulous.  Delicious.  We had fried turkey, 3 kinds of potatoes, rolls, pies, cheesecakes, and such.  It was amazing to spend time with my family.  It was simple and that’s the most important.  Faith and family are two of the most important.  After dinner we all just chilled.  Then, I took my baby sister to go see Tangled.  FOR THE RECORD, IT WAS GREAT!!!  Now, I want to get something straight….my baby sister is not reaallly a baby…she’s 13.  Now the other kicker is this….she is taller than me!  I got genetically screwed my friends.  I have accepted this as fact and as my reality.  You really should accept that fact too.  It will be harder for you but, at least you have time 😉

When we got home, we sifted thru the “Black Friday” specials in the newspaper.  It took us about an hour to see everything and create a strategy for where to first.  I have never been one to truly be a “Black Friday” shopper, but I did find a few things worth looking at…I did hear a story about a woman who waited outside a Best Buy for upwards 48 hours to ensure that she was the first in line.  Honestly, what’s up with that?  Is any material item worth that?

Not in my world I am afraid.