So there comes a time


Today was and is about closure.  The past few days it’s been me running around with my head semi chopped off…


Yes this is exactly how I feel.  But I brought a few things to closure regarding ship dates, confirmations, and setting people’s names straight!  You see I realized literally this past weekend that I have been calling one of my customers the wrong name!  He never corrected me!  Les instead of Wes….ehh it’s close enough!

I also found out one of my mentors got promoted!  How cool is that???  So now he is becoming the VP of broadcasting for the LPGA  🙂  It was fabulous.  YAY GOOOO BC!!!

I also received ship dates for all of my open orders placed this afternoon.  DOUBLE YAY GOOOO VENDORS!!!

AND TRIPLE YAY is going to be able to help a customer out of a bind and stuff cookies this evening.  How awesome is that?

Life is completely great.  Last night, I realized what a great support unit I have.  I am so thankful for my family and friends.  They are so amazing.  Really I have it so good.  So there comes a time for appreciation and recognition!


Don't you just feel happy and appreciative just looking at this woman?? She looks happy...but if I was on a beach now you would better believe that I would have a huge smile on my face!


So today I leave you with a simply question:  What are you happy and appreciative for in your life?   🙂  Feel free to ponder and comment away!





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