My Catwalk down the Red Carpet….


So my beautiful friend Zahara (Earthquakes and Rattlesnakes) did something amazingly hilarious.  She apparently feels like I fit the category of most stylish blogger hehe.  This makes me laugh…considering I sit in my stylish rood sweatpants and my IU t-shirt….definitely don’t match at all…HOWEVER, I do have my pool boy by my side so that is always a plus!  He will be my exotic escort as I strut down the Red Carpet…I see the flashes now!  Click!  Click!  (Thank you!  Thank you, oh you are so kind…)


SO here are the rules:


  • Present seven things about yourself
  • Name about a half dozen bloggers you think deserve the award
  • Contact those people
  • Create a link back to the person who gave you the honor


    1.  I love the Dutch language, culture, etc.  Can’t really tell you why…but I just do!




    2.  I have a passion for media, sports, and helping others.  Just trying to mesh them together  🙂




    3.  I am actually very short.  I am 4 foot 8 inches…enough said…

    4.  I have been a cheerleader for 12 years which is half my age minus one…it’s all starting to make sense now huh?




    5.  I have the best mentors and friends in the universe…online and in real life.  That is just fact!  But my family will always be number 1.

    6.  I am addicted to Bravo and The Food Network (um…but who isn’t???)

    7.  I speak my mind and stand for Truth.  I let that govern my actions.  I am who I say I am  🙂


    I would like to give my nominees:

    The Edmonton Tourist:  ET is fabulous and is the Queen of traveling.  She logs her travels and lives life from place to place.  Her and the Muppets–they never have a dull moment!

    Working Tech Mom:  Oh a working mom that is just trying to get thru while keeping everything in perspective.  What a dear friend!  I would encourage anyone to read her blog if you are seeking a balance and fresh look on your life.

    Speaking from the Heart:  For anyone that is looking for some spiritual perspective or guidance, Laurie does an amazing job explaining aspects of spirituality on levels one can really relate with.  We all could use a little more relaxing and calmness here….

    Adventures and Insights:  This gentleman is so great!  I love his simplicity toward life and just amazing heartfelt freshness.  He brings some culture, music, common sense and over all just “amazing insights” to the playing field!  You might be surprised what you find on his adventures…


    Thought of the evening: “Idea’s are nothing without action and attention”





    6 thoughts on “My Catwalk down the Red Carpet….

    1. Well, of course I like this post. I think this stylish blogger thing is so fun, it gets people to tell a little more about themselves, fills in the picture. A neat tool. Love the red carpet! Your poolboy must be proud to have you on his arm.
      I am a foot taller than you. My mother is only 5′ tall, and her mother was 4’11” and her dad was 5’2″. So yeah, I like short people. My son, however, is 6’5″. I like tall people. I like ’em all. Cheers!
      ps. love the doobie-smokin’ Dutch girl!

      • I am glad that you are not a hater when it comes to height. I swear I was genetically screwed from the start–ET help me with that one!

        The Doobie-smokin’ Dutch gal is comprised of ever stereotype imaginable! LOL.. In class, we about died when our teacher showed it to us. 🙂 Then she proceeded to inform us of how it was wrong. It may be wrong but, it was still funny!

    2. You are amazing. Thanks for the callout. I can’t believe you didn’t include a picture of so-called-pool-boy in this post since you mentioned him again. I know you left him behind, but you muss have photos.

      I don’t know how I missed that you were 4’8″….I just thought Nomad was very tall when I saw that photo.

      Thanks again good friend. Have a great, joyful one today!!

      • To my beautiful friend Techy, you too are amazing! Glad you received the love…this next post is most definitely going to have a pic of pool boy. You see it’s raining and a girl can day dream can’t she?? 😉 Have an awesome day!

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