Top 10 moments before High Noon…Valentine’s Day style…


Happy Valentine’s Day, first off.  Second off I have a short but sweet post for your enjoyment.   🙂  (it’s almost as good as a box of chocolate but, not quite!)

Today, I was assisting a family friend of ours….you know Good Ole’ Herb!  He was paying me back and when it was all said and done he goes….”uh…you actually owe me $.18″  I don’t think so!  He was only joking of course!  Well anyways, I had 10 beautiful, funny, weird, CRAZY, miraculous things happen to me ALL before it happened before high noon!  How could a girl get so lucky?

10. I got in ready to work hard today…I was motivated to do my work and get caught up!

9. I was kind of at a dull moment amidst me running around like a mad woman this morning.  I received a wonderful email from a dear-heart and a text from Super Woman, Katherine, and Laugh-a-lot.  It was simply the best melty “I appreciate you all so much!” moment.  What did I do to get so lucky??

8.  I got to go shopping at the grocery store, on work time for Herb!

7. While at the grocery store, I ran into an old friend.  We caught up for just a brief moment and then went on again with our shopping endeavors.  🙂

6.  OK, has anyone ever read some of these coupons?  They can be confusing.  So I asked a lady for help.  (she was standing right next to me and she too became confused!)  She was willing to help me figure that bugger out and lo and behold we got there!

5.  I was able to find everything at the grocery store with great easy.  EVEN the Ugli fruit.  Have you heard about this Ugli fruit?  I had no clue how to pick it out haha but we made it work.

4.  I called VW so I could schedule an appointment.  They could get me in today!  Long story short, my little bug has not had a radio in it for almost a year now.  My sweet brother bought me another one and so now it needs installed.  I need VW to do that for me.  Can’t wait to get back to some tunes OTHER people sing  🙂  (not your’s truly!)

3.  This pairs hand in hand with number 4, I GET A FREE CAR WASH!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!!!  🙂

2.  A gentleman opened the door for me.

1.  A random stranger smiled at me for no good reason.  It made me feel good.  🙂


LAST is my next best thing that happened AFTERNOON…The sun decided to come out and join me in such bliss!  Today is going to be a great Valentine’s Day…I just feel it!