Unsafe breath…


Have you ever had one of those days where you just know your breath just is not going to get fresh no matter what you do to it?  No amount of gum, brushing of teeth, eating pallet cleansing foods, chomping on mints, or using mouth wash is going to help this issue.

I feel bad when this happens to people.  I, of course, have NEVER had this happen before and I just am having a hard time relating.  Sigh.  I do feel bad for the other people having to talk to them directly and Lord knows they probably don’t even know it is just that bad!  So out of politeness, can you give them a piece of gum?  Will that be enough to give them a clue?  How embarrassing!  Is it cordial to yank them aside, and say “Darling, you need and breath mint or something stat!  If you think that cute boy that you are talking to is interested…we need to get this hygienic problem in check!  No one wants to kiss a good looking skunk?!”

Anyways, more stress piling up today.  Deep breathes….per usual.  Today is just a little aggravating.  But, things are going OK otherwise.  It’s nothing I cannot handle.  I know I am loved and that alone is enough to get me thru this mini-funk I am experiencing.  Nomad and I have been talking so regularly and it is refreshing.  Even when we aren’t talking, I can feel him.  AND better yet, when I am upset I just connect with his spirit and he calms me down.  Simply amazing.

The CatMan