Indian Outlaw…


So the question of the night (now mind you I was driving when I made this stunning observation) but, listen to the song posted above this comment.  What is wrong with this picture?  OK, Tim McGraw…you are a country cowboy who “fought” the Indians back in the day….I hardly think you are an Indian Outlaw.  It just made me laugh.  Country songs can sometimes be silly.  I dare you to listen to any lyrics of any song and actually listen to what it is saying.  You might ask the following questions (to yourself that is):  ‘wow, does this make sense?’, ‘…is this english?’, ‘what the heck is a shorty?’, ‘why blame it on the a-ach-ach-cohol?’, or ‘hmm…I wonder if heaven is really a place on earth, you think?’  Whatever song, I am sure you will realize why society is the way it is upon realizing how dumb most songs really are.

Wednesday night,  I was able to go on a nice long walk with Special K.  It has been so long since I could hang with my dear sweet friend!  She is so near and dear to my heart.  We spent the whole first mile catching up and the second lap about me giving her advice on a situation.  She was such a trooper.  She is so much like how I was, so innocent, naive, and just over all very adamant on an approach with a situation regarding a certain mutual friend.  It was kind of funny because we were fake kicking each other and we were swatting at each other’s arms as though we were getting snooty.  (This is one of the reason’s why I love being with Special K)  Her and I carry so much energy and sometimes we just need to release it by being loud and obnoxious.  I get that, so that is just what we did.  She has such a mental challenge ahead of her.  After our walk we went and got coffee and just talked.  We have the kind of relationship to which we can share whatever is on our mind without thinking twice and we are all loving and all forgiving of one another’s faults.  I love her just the way she is.  🙂

Nomad and I are currently simultaneously functioning doing our own thing while being under the same roof.  Yep, I am visiting him and my friends in Indy.  It is a great thing.  We have spent the whole day together just being dorks.  When I got home from an evening Confession, which if you don’t know what I am talking about….they best description is when you spill your guts to someone because you have to just get it out of your mind and off your chest.  You say your sorry and then you feel 10,000,000% better!  Then I finished my prayerful meditation and came home.  Nomad decided he wanted to go fishing.  I started working on some things for work and getting prepped for this trade conference I am attending.  It has been a spiritual day, a wonder-filled day, a beautiful day.  We had perfect weather.  God is so good.

When you least expect it, a rainbow is shown lifting you up from your winter funk.  Someone says something to you that comes so unexpectedly, catches you off guard, and totally makes your day.  Sometimes someone just needs to shout at the top of their lungs just how good they have it before they believe that life is truly good.  It took Special K calling me today telling me of how she was on cloud 9 because she was able to help impact someone’s life.  She was truly joyful and for that very reason, I too was even more joyful.

What can you do to make someone’s day today?  What are you thankful for?  SMILE for me my dear readers!  Life is hard but, not all bad!  Hang in there!!

The CatMan


Don’t be afraid to dream and execute!


Blogger friends,

OK, No excuses…BUT my life has been one hot mess lately.  I apologize but, now I am back.  Guilty pleasure of course…blogging!  TAH-DAH!  I cannot believe how life has all of a sudden picked up!  It seems like any free time that I have had is now devoted to work functions, events, planning, and Nomad.  I must note, Nomad has been a very great encourager when I feel most bogged down with my schedule.  I am signed up to run a mini marathon here in 2 weekends and I am not going to lie, I MAY DIE.  I have been training as much as my schedule will allow, which to be honest isn’t enough at all.  I feel drained, but never fear!  I found this really great “energy potion” that I created….I am patenting this soon but, I have to find the time to do the ordinary “tie your shoe” sort of thing first.  Maybe that will be what makes me millions some day!

I have taken on an adjusted role for Herb.  I have been not only helping him with his work, but also taking on a role of helping gather information for his will.  This is a part that I am unseasoned with in regards to this new experience.  It is bittersweet for me.  As he is a friend whom I can have those awkward conversations with, talk to him about anything on my mind or heart, or just vent when I need to get something out of my head.  He is a great companion and yes as much as Herb grovels about this that or the old biddies in the Cafe’…he has a great heart and good intentions.  So, I must confess this has been a very serious topic as I see him slipping in little ways.  It is inspiring too, knowing that this man has lived more so than anyone ever could imagine and I got to play a minor role in his life.  I know he appreciates me.  I see that; sometimes I have to look a little harder to see it but, it’s always there.

I haven’t had as much time to volunteer lately.  This makes me sad.  I haven’t seen my Special Olympics athletes in forever.  I haven’t been able to do the things I really want to do in a sense, because life has been SO crazy.  I realized just yesterday that I will be out-of-town the next 4 weekends for various things…then in May it gets a little better.  BUT, come end of July–I will be gone for 2 weeks (wedding weekend-X-Games-few days off then WEDDING 2!)  Wedding one is for my sweet cousin Bry-guy on my dad’s side.  Weekend of July 23rd in Spokane WA.  X-Games then is after for exactly a week.  THEN, it is off from west coast to the east coast for the next wedding.  The second wedding is for my cousin Rachy who is my cousin on my mom’s side.  Both of them are awesome and I am so fortunate that they are not on the same day.  🙂  Man did I luck out!  It is going to be so much fun.  Good thing lent is over…guess I can get my moderate drink on!

OH, today!  I almost forgot!  We had our video shoot for our website!  WAAAHHOOOOO!  So, I am now officially up-to-date with what was required of me for that mess.  Now it’s in editing mode.  Cannot wait to see it!  I internally jumping up and down at this accomplishment!  This has been a huge mountain that I have had to climb, fall down a few times and finally made it to the top!  YAY!  Guess I just had to work a little harder.  That is a good thing.

OH and the other thing I totally forgot to tell you…child scissors are not really good at cutting thru construction paper.  As I found out helping my sister with her homework.  Definitely the finest fail moment of the night!  Turn your head to the left….yup that’s me!


I leave you with this link.  Let this be your inspiration when you feel like you just cannot get something accomplished or done.  Don’t be afraid to dream and execute!  These are the things that continue to get me going even when it feels like I am getting nowhere.



So I am currently tearing up because a shirt has been stolen out of my closet.  OK this might just be the worst day ever.  I don’t even want to go into the extensive amount or frustration is at hand here but I am getting tired of juggling.  At least my room is clean, right?

I don’t have time for anything I want to do because I am doing everything I have to do.  It is just frustrating and aggravating all the same.  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.  On Saturday you better believe I will be serving myself a huge Jack and Coke!  BRING IT ON!

I will take a fail for today.  WAH WAH.

Love, Me

Paint fumes and Pasta


Today, my mom and I painted my whole room.  It looks beautiful.  It is like a tealy-greenish-blue.  Very summer like and beautiful.  Well what you are seeing below is all of the painted room.  What do you think?

🙂 Painted pretty...sigh

Can you believe all of this fit into one little room???? Yeah there will be some downsizing....

I am still very much in a funk…but, I must say this funk has allowed me to have a cleaner house that eventually will look 1000% better.  Much better huh?  Well that’s life…turning the music up and pressing on thru this madness called life!

Something to look forward to….Super Woman and Nomad are going to be in town in just a week!  YAY!  I might have just tinkled a little bit…..shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone!  😉

Something Borrowed, Something New


So I might be the most ignorant woman alive in knowing things revolving around  Weddings.  I only mention this because of a Book of Face posting that I had a few days ago.  I wanted to just sink when I found out kind of what it was referencing.  I have provided the link to which I found this.  I kept wondering why the heck people were talking about referencing weddings…well there you go dum dum!

You might be asking, why now did I realize this?  Or how did I realize it?  Well that is a simple response.  I heard it on a commercial this afternoon…for a lingerie shop!!!  That’s when I just about died.  Good job CatMan…good job!

wah wah wah…..

When the Zig-Zag-Z won’t work….


I just got back from the store and no joke, no I would not make this up…this very disgruntled black woman is going off on a manager in the check out line.  I have no idea what the heck it was over but she whipped out the “…I am a preacher” card and as my mom and I got out to the parking lot.  We peered thru the window and what do you know…her arms are waving all over the place!?  This is when you know not even the “Zig-Zag-Z” was working…and it still wasn’t working 20 minutes after the fact.  Just saying.  Yes I must confess I laughed at this poor woman’s struggle.




I met Nomad’s family this weekend.  It was pretty great.  I felt like I meshed pretty well.   His sister Dr. V was amazing to meet and his momma was oh so cute.  I enjoyed the time spent with great company.  Which funny story, I found out just how traditional Nomad is and it makes me chuckle a bit.  “No shoulder’s showing at church…”  hehehe.

I feel like life is a blur now.  I need a few moments to just breathe.  Just booked my flight to the Bahamas….who’s coming with me?

Busy Bee…to blah


It seems as though time is slipping away from me.  Any one else feeling like that?  Work seems to be killing me and this weather makes it easy for me to be in a funk….can summer come sooner please?  I feel like my creative juices are draining out my back-end. (now that’s a glorious visual!)

I must say, I am watching this National Championship with Butler vs. UConn and this is and has been an absolutely terrible game from both teams.  Butler has had some beautiful shots but, overall I am rather disappointed.  It happens.

I am taking my car in on Wednesday and I am very seriously thinking about telling them to give me a trade in value….10 year VW Bug for a 2010 Jetta…..your thoughts?

This was the most interesting thing I have found today:


The CatMan…