Thanks Sexy Roxie….


Great advice from a friend, good ol’ Sexy Roxie, today. Thank goodness for those listening ears. Sun is finally coming out and I am starting to feel a little more awake. Running a mini-marathon tomorrow and literally by the strength of God is the only way to do it. I am tired, grumpy, but still drudging on…sigh.

I need to talk things out. I need to get it out of my system or else it just festers. I don’t like being like that. (Heavier sigh)

I need a good cry….I need a good hug….I need some sleep.


8 thoughts on “Thanks Sexy Roxie….

    • Thanks Techy! That meant the world that you were beside me. I lost everyone in the very beginning and it felt like I was running alone for the first 4-1/2miles…then I ran into my girlfriends…and saw Nomad and finally got my stuff back from my friends car. It was one frantic crazy day…. 🙂

    • Thanks Johanna! I appreciate the comment. I think I just need a little less stress and a little more sleep is all. 🙂 I like just sitting with a hot cup of coffee and watching the stars. That is my kind of night!

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