Herbert Magnus Brautzsch


Today I bear some sad news, my dear friend Herb passed away last week.  He was comfortable and out of pain but, it was one of the hardest thing to date for me to see.  His mind was still as sharp as ever, but his body just couldn’t handle the fluid around the lungs and his kidneys were starting to go.  I guess when you are 96 and your body has been beat up all those years, it was bound to quit at some point.


RIP Herb.  I will miss you. 😥




2 thoughts on “Herbert Magnus Brautzsch

    • Thanks Adventurer! I cannot tell you what excitement you gave me when I saw you pop up on my email! I plan on making him VERY proud and I am going to attempt to live the full life that he did! 😉 How is that wonderful GE doing?

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