Funny things always tend to happen….

This is just from us arriving in Downtown LA.
OK always an adventure.  So when we got to the hotel, they charged us for having a car.  Neither one of us have a car.  So a $100 deposit was placed on Big C, my roommate’s debit card, each day we are here.  $200 thus far….ass holes…well then yesterday I spent all day decorating our area while Big C got our logs situated.  After work went to a bar in the hotel (mind you there is at least 15 food places there).  There was this girl that we will call BBB (big boobed bimbo).  She was all over this guy and talking loudly about this that and the other thing when she announces she has to use the restroom.   We just started kind of cracking up a bit but it really got out of control when she walked out and her boobs were just perky as ever.  I lost it.  Some poor schmuck paid for those I am sure.  Well ok anyways, she gets to the table, he gets up, she hangs on his arm then goes “Let’s go upstairs and celebrate!  this is the best happy hour ever!!! hahaha”  That is when I looked and made eye contact with the lady sitting at the other table and we both just lost it.  We made friends with them:  Lynn and Eric.  Later the bartender came up to us and said that she had been in 3 consecutive nights with a different guy.  OH DEAR.  Well then today….I got to come in later.  I walked to work which was wonderful but I was going straight to catering.  I get the food.  We are good to go and I get lost coming back to where we are working!  OMG I learned my lesson quick: 1. never listen to anyone in red jackets and 2. always take a left coming out of catering.  I walked clear around a whole other side of the convention ctr. when I had to go back the other way.  I was kind of laughing though because I had everyone’s food and I was so turned around.  LOL.  When I got to work, we always have a day of HELL PS, well we were working thru the issues today.  It was seriously the problem day.  Then we were driving back in the shuttle, and we would have been WAY better off working.  There was a guy sitting in front of us talking about several disconnected topics “mom’s just going to have to be put on the back burner, and working at Arby’s” in the mean while we were like WHAAAATTT????  Next we see this car go from a straight lane to a turn lane, pull a u-turn in a BMW and while someone was crossing the street they stopped and picked them up.  It wasn’t shady at all.  We get back to the hotel and get settled.  Well we went downstairs to order an appetizer and drinks.  We see our friends Lynn and Eric there.  Well we were kind of looking for a low key night so we didn’t say anything when a very DRUNK Eric came up and sat with us for a bit.   He bought us a round.  That was nice.  He was laying it on so thick.  Truly.  Well no later than 20 minutes in our boss shows up (thank goodness!!) and he pays and goes.  He was telling us how he was so obliterated he didn’t even know where he was staying….ha.  Well when he left, I found out that he paid our whole bill!  (sweet!!!)  but it was kind of a funny situation.
So I failed to tell you the best part so far of this trip!  Guess what other events are happening???
NAACP Conference, AdultCon (porno etc), Low Rider Convention, Bridal Show, and X-Games!  You take your pick!!

Gotta keep your head up!


Today, for the first time in many years, I have horrible big bags under my eyes.  I have had a doozie of a morning and it is going to be crazy from here on out.  I am going out-of-town tomorrow for 2 weeks.  That means packing, work items, orders have to be placed, etc.  I just have been trying to get things done.

Since April, I have been under the assumption that I was flying out Friday evening.  I realized on Monday that it was AM not PM!  I had to rearrange everything.  You know what they say about making plans, don’t you??? Change is inevitable and they are even better than the original!  So because I was up late packing, dealing with work issues, and hanging out…I have bags under my eyes.

2 Weddings and an X-games….WHOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!  Starting point: Spokane Washington.  2nd stop: Los Angelus.  3rd stop: NY.   I am trying to fit everything in one bag.  So far it has been a success. (knock on wood)  I have just a few more items to go to which I will deal with this evening yet.  I have decided not to actually pack a hanging bag as I will be carrying my computer with me.  The humor in all of this is I am cool, calm and collected.  Is it good to say I am getting this much-needed vacation that I have deserved for so long?  Yes, I think it is good.

I am learning a lot about myself thru this time in my life.  For an instance, being organized makes life a little easier.  It DOES pay off.  I was really smart about doing laundry right before I had to pack so I just laid everything in their piles and proceeded from there!  (one of many short cuts)  I am also learning that patience and trust do actually make things easier to deal with instead of being an emotional hot head.  My thinking and thought process is way different than most people, especially the one’s I work with.   For whatever reason, I am usually the only one that stands up against people arguing and pointing out the lack of productivity and negative energy being spit back at one another will not produce any different responses.  Why don’t we take action and do something about it rather than chew each others heads off and point fingers!  Just a thought, of course.

Another really stunning conclusion that I have realized is by setting a positive balanced example for people, it too really can produce fruitful results.  When you are balanced, happy, and positive most the time…people see that innately in you and they desire to be like that.  The problem is that most humans just see what is on the surface instead of digging deeper into a person’s composition and finding out WHY they act the way they do.  The WHY question actually takes an amount of expelled energy from the party asking it and because we are lazy and don’t care that much about each other we continue to judge from a person’s outward presentation.  This is so wrong.  Think about it this way.  What if you could see a person’s potential….and see what fears were holding them back.  What if you could open their heart and eyes to that and become closer friends or acquaintances?  Think if we all just invested asking “WHY” to just one person!  How much better would you feel over all-knowing that someone is actually caring to take the time to get to know you a little better.  Personally, I would feel pretty great!

Lastly, by looking to positive verses the negative, one can allow that positive energy to change and transform them inside out.  “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” (Plutarch).  Inwardly looking to the positive (step into the light!), inwardly seeking a great balance, and making sure myself is in check.  That’s how I am going to live my life, take action with me and move out.   Then, maybe I can gather new perspective on situations and to be able to change other people’s outlooks in life.  You can positively take ownership this way.  Negative weighs you down too much!

Go with the flow, life it too short to worry.  Make your plans but, be flexible and open to change.  It works out the best and keep your head up!




Dear Super Woman…

haha….I am just having a really productive day. It is good but I have bad gas.  CROP DUSTING even.  Heaven forbid!   Thank goodness I haven’t had an accident today!  Just kidding….. 😉  I am so appreciative that Nomad tried to call last night. Just the very sound of his voice put me at ease. Oh what a headache I have right now. It is a boomer and it’s to the point where 1. do i just go home and sleep it off OR 2. suck it up and move on? I am annoyed from lack of sleep, my manager calling a meeting when he has no business doing so…..I mean he hasn’t supported me thus far so why would he start now??, my foot is still tender from where I had a little wart froze off. I was just aggravated at several things. So, just having took my 2 vitamins, sitting here sipping a dew and trying to not move for fear my smelliness might skunk out on me…hehehe….I am just chillin’ and thinking 1 more hour!!! WAHOO! GO FRIDAY GOOOOOOoooooo!

Love ME!!

Need I say more?

What is your favorite scent?


So today I am amidst Lilac Blooms.  What a beautiful scent of summer!!  Also some fresh scent of lemon as I have just cleaned!  You ever notice the way the “lemon-fresh scent” energizes you to clean quicker?  I think the citrus puts me in a great mood!  Anyways, I am so ready for another great weekend!

Last weekend, I went to visit Nomad and it was glorious.  We had no planned agenda except to eat, sleep and yeah sounded enough of a plan to me!  We ended up cooking….going to the driving range (where I sucked it up quite nicely), the batting cages (where after 13 years I still kind of got it!!) and Church where there were smells of the city.    We drove until the wee hours of the morning thru the country and got lost.  It rained later that night as well so the smell of sweet rain fell upon us.  We fed the ducks.  He lives off a pond set up so the smell of water was pure.  I just wish it was a lake to go swim in!  He even tried teaching me how to chip a ball using a club.  We drank a little wine and it was so relaxing.  We walked a little after dinner too.  Someone clipped the grass and it made my nose itch.  It was just over all really nice!  I just cherish that time.  Frankly, I dread saying good-bye to him.

Do you ever find that you are just flooded with the smells of comfort?  This weekend I hope to be surrounded by fried chicken, apple pie, lake water, some citrus in there and other smells of summer!

So what are some of your favorite scents to be surrounded by?  What tickles your fancy?   Happy 4th of July!