Dear Super Woman…

haha….I am just having a really productive day. It is good but I have bad gas.  CROP DUSTING even.  Heaven forbid!   Thank goodness I haven’t had an accident today!  Just kidding….. 😉  I am so appreciative that Nomad tried to call last night. Just the very sound of his voice put me at ease. Oh what a headache I have right now. It is a boomer and it’s to the point where 1. do i just go home and sleep it off OR 2. suck it up and move on? I am annoyed from lack of sleep, my manager calling a meeting when he has no business doing so…..I mean he hasn’t supported me thus far so why would he start now??, my foot is still tender from where I had a little wart froze off. I was just aggravated at several things. So, just having took my 2 vitamins, sitting here sipping a dew and trying to not move for fear my smelliness might skunk out on me…hehehe….I am just chillin’ and thinking 1 more hour!!! WAHOO! GO FRIDAY GOOOOOOoooooo!

Love ME!!

Need I say more?


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