Interesting Advertising…Enjoy the Silence


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Well today I was talking to a good buddy of mine today regarding advertising.  Advertisers are getting more and more clever in the way things are presented to their “followers” or maybe just potential customers.  Take for an instance this video:  Notice anything interesting about it?  Go ahead watch it again….do you really think that this happened?  Or was this person hired to demonstrate the “GoPro” brand?  Cool, huh?

This is the “GoPro” sponsored highlight reel from Summer X-Games 17:  Since it was sponsored, you don’t really feel like it is a traditional advertising method which come across more boring and blah.  This one seemingly isn’t so forced because it allows the story of the athlete and just seeing a “trick through their eyes” as intriguing!  It makes you want to see how they do it.  Next component is “why”  they do it!  One can build a segment literally just like that!  In a snap!  And guess what?  They didn’t put a commercial in there once!  So you got all the info and exposure to the ad with out the annoying “Billy Bob Jo here!  We can vid-E-O tape you doing trick after trick with our BRAND NEW GoPro….yada yada yada…”  It’s invasive!  So, advertising people had to get much smarter and “invite” the consumer to learn more!  Inviting is better because then if it’s too much you have control over how much is too much.

This is one tactic they use to continue to reach out to their consumers.  In today’s market place, a business’ success is based on how much they engage with their consumers balanced with ROI (return on investment).  AKA Spend money to make money.  This can be said with any field, line of work, or product.  How do they find that out?  Well they test it!

Take you as an example.  Take your blog for a second and think about the ways you engage your readers?  What do you find other’s actually are interested in or maybe what AREN’T they interested in?  What is your “target” for readers?  Why do you write what you write?  What’s your message?  Well did you just realize that this blog is now an extension of you?  You are actually advertising for YOU through your blog.  The whole point is to gain followers and find like-minded people….right?  It can help you find a community of support and friends.  You might not do it for money or anything, but pure pleasure yet, it is still advertising YOUR thoughts, YOUR frustrations, and YOUR life or your stories.

Interesting how advertising happens everyday without a second glance or notice.  Are we becoming numb to “over stimulation”?  I think that is part of it.  I also think we are so quick to put so much out “there” for people that we forget to have a personal life.  There is no filter to the information provided!  You might be saying defensively, “But I still have time to do all my chores, feed the kids, and run them to soccer practice…”  I understand that 100%.  But do you have time for relaxing?  For peace to infiltrate your mind and heart?  If you do, then BRAVO to you!  Balancing all of that is awesome!  We need balance…


One of my favorite quotes:  “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.  God is the friend of silence.  See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence…We need silence to be able to touch souls.”  Mother Teresa


Here is just an example of a second approach that is even better.  By recognizing love and good in a physical sense of others…isn’t that a novel idea?   Silence carries a negative connotation.  We think because we aren’t doing something going a mile and a half a minute, things aren’t right.  But, it is in silence to which creativity is alive!  Now my challenge to my followers is this, how can we translate that to the online world?   How can we see through the noise and see the good?   How do YOU test this to see if it works?  I want to know how you find the silence in this constant stream of “tweet tweet”  Seems like quite the paradox doesn’t it….well that’s why it’s a challenge!  What are your thoughts?

❤ The CatMan


What is your guilty pleasure???


So my cousin and I have become pen pals…well actually 2!  I enjoy receiving mail so much it’s not even funny.  Today I received a letter from my cousin.  I realized since I was made aware that he sent it out Friday it was probably at home waiting on me!  Upon getting home I quickly ran to check the mail and sure as the sun shines there was his letter.  Just as a side note, I was on the phone at the time too.  Well as I was running into the house I realized that the phone battery was draining so I had to get it on the charger BUT I also had to take a bath.  So we can compromise on this right?  SUUURRRREE!  Outcome as follows….

While still talking, ran to get my phone charger and place the person on speaker so I could draw the bath water.  Jersey doesn’t mind as she does the same thing all the time!  It is just this understanding among busy women that it is acceptable to a) hear the toilet flush at anytime (some of you might be saying ewww but, it does happen more often than not!), b) hear running water or kids yelling in the background, c) chomping or accidental slurps over the phone  OR d) any of the above combinations but not limited to them at one time.  So, getting back on track, I plugged in the extension cord safely away from any water source.  Next, plugged the charger into the extension cord then extend it across the vanity as close as it would go and kept the conversation going.  I started to draw the water.  GUSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!  Jersey says, “Uh…what’s that?”  My response “I am drawing a bath, sorry!  I felt like I could use one.”  Jersey states, “…no problem!  I understand that…”  Then I blurt out the best line ever, “I should have been an engineer for as good as this job was to charge my phone, draw a bath, and make this functional!”  She just laughed because if anyone who really knew me heard me say that they would know how sarcastic and hilarious that really was.  Don’t get me wrong, I could engineer parties and arrangements, rig simple things (such as what I demonstrated in the bathroom), and probably some other items given the production background I have but other than that I could NEVER give you the mathematical equations as to how I figured it out.  It just is because I said so…

Well as I still had Jersey on the phone, I slipped into the bathtub.  I had brought my cousin, D-A-M-I-A-N’s letter into the bathroom with me as I was planning on reading it once my conversation was over.  1/2  hour later, I started reading his letter while still in the bathtub.  I must say, I felt like I was out of another time period.  I just imagined myself at the cusp of the 1900’s reading a war letter, just totally relaxed and enjoying myself.  Dare I say it was very Jo March out of Little Women??   It was fun!  Taking a step out of my comfort zone, feeling the calmness of the water, and ultimately just being was the goal.  I came out feeling refreshed and just glorious!  That is simply a guilty pleasure…reading letters in the bathtub!  Seems kind of out there….but try it!   Dare you!!!

So the question I propose to you all tonight is “What is your guilty pleasure???”  I would love to see it!

THE CatMan

PS: OUTCOME to the multitasking:  ALL WAS A SUCCESS!!


You Matter


Today, I want to simply say….You Matter.  You matter to someone.  Your smile, your thoughts, your genius ideas and solutions…that matters to someone.  Listen to this as you are getting ready for your morning:

Might I suggest that we all put this phrase “I Matter” on a post-it-note and keep it where we see it often?  Why not allow ourselves to be reminded of it as often as possible?!

Treasure those around you and tell the people in your life that matter the most how you feel…it is so important to feel wanted, like you matter, and that you have a greater purpose in this world.  Just remember that simple fact when you are feeling less that what you’re worth!

I went to visit Nomad this weekend.  We had a wonderful time.  We are now going on 7 months.  I helped him move into a new apartment, we relaxed and got to see his family, and then we went on a date!  This man doesn’t usually have patience but, God love him he did with me on Monday when he tried to teach me how to drive stick shift!  I was really proud of him for keeping his cool.  I actually learned two things this weekend, one how to drive stick shift and two how to tie down items to a truck with straps and a ratchet click lock appropriately.  I fell asleep on our ride back into town.  It was a two-hour drive back so, I just curled up on the bench of his truck and passed out.  He makes me feel so special without having to do anything really all too out of the ordinary.  This weekend was special to me though.  It was a good one at that.