You Matter


Today, I want to simply say….You Matter.  You matter to someone.  Your smile, your thoughts, your genius ideas and solutions…that matters to someone.  Listen to this as you are getting ready for your morning:

Might I suggest that we all put this phrase “I Matter” on a post-it-note and keep it where we see it often?  Why not allow ourselves to be reminded of it as often as possible?!

Treasure those around you and tell the people in your life that matter the most how you feel…it is so important to feel wanted, like you matter, and that you have a greater purpose in this world.  Just remember that simple fact when you are feeling less that what you’re worth!

I went to visit Nomad this weekend.  We had a wonderful time.  We are now going on 7 months.  I helped him move into a new apartment, we relaxed and got to see his family, and then we went on a date!  This man doesn’t usually have patience but, God love him he did with me on Monday when he tried to teach me how to drive stick shift!  I was really proud of him for keeping his cool.  I actually learned two things this weekend, one how to drive stick shift and two how to tie down items to a truck with straps and a ratchet click lock appropriately.  I fell asleep on our ride back into town.  It was a two-hour drive back so, I just curled up on the bench of his truck and passed out.  He makes me feel so special without having to do anything really all too out of the ordinary.  This weekend was special to me though.  It was a good one at that.