How to stay positive….


This morning, I had a great outlook on things and I have made some real progress.  I really came in with the idea in my head….”What am I going to do to promote sales?”  Successful in my attempt…things are really going swell.  I could use some sunshine right about now to stay positive though….what do you all think?

I found this article that I wanted to share with you all.  I think it is so important not to get yourself down when things are down or you are seemingly twiddling your thumbs.

Now, because it is raining cats and dogs our there (by the way, anyone want to adopt any of them???  Take them off our hands PLEASE!) I made the choice to sleep an extra 15 minutes and not do my hair.  It was going to get destroyed anyways so why worry about it?

Lastly, music is always a good pump up.  So in hopes to make you have a more POSITIVE day listen to this:

🙂  Have a “Super” Day!

❤ CatMan


2 thoughts on “How to stay positive….

  1. Being kind to oneself is a GREAT way to stay positive, and you gave some wonderful examples:

    Sleep in 15 minutes
    Don’t worry about the hair
    Treat yourself to music


    • Thanks Laurie! I tell you life is sooooo much better with keeping everything in perspective. Big deals before seem like little pebbles now. Much easier to smile and breathe…Thanks for stopping by!!

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