Age gracefully……


As a woman, I feel this extreme pressure to constantly feel like I need to look younger.  Tone up, if you will.  Make sure that I am in “perfect” condition for everyone.  Sure we all might feel like we are at our best when we look our best, but where do we draw our line?

I am young.  I am happy with my body as far as I recognize I have my problem spots and I know what I need to do to get them back in shape.  It is MY responsibility to get my body to the shape that makes me feel the best…not someone else’s expectations of “you should be as skinny as a rail, 100 lbs, your stomach’s getting pudgy work it out, you should wear make-up to the gym because heaven forbid you actually run into someone you know there, oh and your hair…um yes…grow it longer because short hair it just isn’t what women should do…it makes you look like a mom.”  I am tired of the pressure frankly.

Why is it so hard for people to face their music?  Why are we dragging our feet? Why do we feel like we have to look younger all the time?  Why is it so hard to find a wrinkle and be proud of it?  Well maybe it is a sign of people’s lack of appreciation for their age.  Do you fully embrace where you are at in the present moment?  Do you say, thank you for making me 25 years old at this very moment in time?  Or maybe your 10 or 70 years old in some cases!  No regrets, right?

To me, it is a lack of personal gratitude and appreciation for life’s journey when we force ourselves to “look” younger.  We start off as children and we “wish we were older” always….then we hit a point where we wish we could go back to that innocence.  We sit there and wish our lives away.  Seems rather silly doesn’t it?

I want to offer a little bit of “natural” solutions to looking and feeling younger (not found in a bottle of anti-aging cream or diet pills).  In no particular order:

1.  Surround yourself with people who care about you.  They support you.  They genuinely love you.

2.  Smile more.  If you smile for no good reason, I guarantee you will find a reason.  Plus, smiles brighten other’s days.  It might actually change someone’s bad day into good!

3.  Never actually act your age.  My good ol’ friend Herb taught me that.  Surround yourself by young people and you will forever feel connected and youthful.

4. Make sure that you wash your face, brush your hair and don’t smell like body odor.  One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is just simply keep good hygiene.

5. Try to make a point of doing one random act of kindness for someone daily.  When you give your effort and time to others it really pays back.  That little act could mean the world to someone.

6. Keep in touch with your friends.  Keep in touch with those who are distant old friends more so.  Just call to see how they are doing.  It makes a world of difference in your appreciation of that person in your life as well as talking about your past times keeps you youthful.

7. Talk to people of all ages.  There is someone always that has either been in your shoes, is walking your walk right now, or will be in the future.  Learn what they did, are doing, or what they might do to make the situation a little better.

8. Keep things in perspective always.  Is this really a big deal?  Is this really something that I need to worry about?

9.  Take care of our body, mind, and soul and seek balance always.  If you need to work out more to keep yourself in balance, then do what YOU have to do…keep your mental and physical health in check always.  Remember no one is perfect, so find what works for you!

10.  Pray daily and keep your God and creator at the center of your focus.  He will point you in new and amazing (sometimes amusing…) directions which will keep your mind off the aging process.  🙂  This part is the liberating part!

11. Love others genuinely with all your heart.  Keep your pride down and really work on looking past one another’s flaws.  It makes life so much better!!

I would like to end with this article I came across that I think will shed some light upon how to embrace growing older…

How are you going to embrace where you are at and in this very present moment?  How are you going to embrace this aging process that people consistently fighting today?

❤ The CatMan


4 thoughts on “Age gracefully……

  1. GREAT list
    GREAT link
    GREAT post

    From a happy-to-be 54 year old woman who has more silver than brown in her hair, and whose eyes are wreathed with smile lines 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie! I am glad that you like the post! I have been doing a lot of introspection as far as our personal image goes as women…it is a ruthless world. We are all in this together so might as well help a girl out!

      peace and love dearest friend,

  2. The great gift of having cancer so many times is that I just love being alive almost everyday.

    I so enjoyed reading your post and links.

    I am doing something about my swollen legs and plantar fasciitis because I can, but I think it was an announcement by my 62 year old body that I must stop running. It leaves me frustrated about how to get the extra unhealthy weight off….but I can achieve this too – I have been reading about how to be more in the moment and I think more in celebration for all the things that life gives to us as gifts.

    I have been depressed about this life change and all the work that I must do – and nothing happened, until I looked ( today’s post) and restudied my thinking about depression as a wonder full emotion to enjoy and bath in as a harbinger of change that is about to happen…when I turned my thinking of comfort off, I found a guide book that truly spoke to me and this morning I can feel life pouring in as grandly as the sunshine.

    When we are trying to relive or redo something in life or believing what some ad tells us, that is when we should be afraid and take flight to reconnect with ourselves.

    Enjoyed your list very much and smiled with teeth showing while writing this comment!

    • Patricia,
      I am so very glad to see and have such a strong friend replying on a post. You are such a beautiful woman and you know what? Your attitude with cancer just simply is inspiring! Depression and discouragement will do nothing and I am so glad you found solace.

      Keep connecting and keep your faith and smiles on! You have a beautiful smile! 🙂 That too is inspiration…
      Best and much love,

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