Have you ever been walking and just mid-strut fall flat on your face in front of everyone?  Hurt pride?  Check!  Have you been talking to someone who is really important and no one told you that you have a big chunk of something green between your two front teeth?  Embarrassed and frustrated?  Check!  Or nervously pick at a scab just only to find that what was once a little unnoticeable issue is now major as a co-worker points out your face is bleeding!  (What would OSHA have to say about that?) Check!  OR how about a project your in charge of having a major flaw to it and catching it too late?  Double check that one!!  Have you ever been so stressed that your eye starts to twitch?  Check and heck and check and check and checkkkkkk! (that is the echo through eternity!)    🙂

Well this week has been one of those weeks to where if it was socially and publicly acceptable, I would have just stayed in bed and never woken up from a long deep slumber.  Oh I am ready for the weekend.  I keep telling myself one more day is all.  Chin up!  (yeah right…I will jump right on it!)

My twitch started yesterday in my right top eyelid.  Now the problem has seemingly jumped over to my left top eyelid too!  What the heck is that all about?!  It frustrates me greatly.  So I come to you today blog friends, how do you deal with stress and frustration?  How do you rid yourself of a twitch?  For me, I am just laughing and shaking the head until Friday about (OH let’s say….) 5 pm!

❤ The CatMan


6 thoughts on “Twitch

  1. My friend Terrill (over at Creative Potager blog) recently asked a similar question to which I responded:

    I pull a Rubbermaid footstool into the shower, sit on it with my back to the shower-head, and wholly relax as the hot water pelts my neck and shoulders — washing the physical tension right down the drain. Ahhhhhhhh

    • So many times it is so hard to verbalize what our day is like. That is why I find blogging challenging. It is a good mental exercise. Sometimes too, giving up is just the best thing we can do! I will definitely check out your Miracle Ball book! Thanks for the share!

  2. Holessence…I love that stress relief therapy in the shower. Fantastic. As I was reading it, I could sense how it would work. Great visualization you gave with the stress washing away.

    There are sooooo many stress relief techniques that are extremely simple yet so effective.

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