Everything happens for a reason….


Today has been one of THOSE days.  This whole week has been chaotic and random. BUT, this morning I woke up spry (I think that is because I get to see Nomad tomorrow and get dressed up AND they are allowing me to have FANCY DRINKS!!) and life was very good.  It was so interesting to me to come across this link thanks to Laugh-a-Lot…


We have a “White Elephant” gift exchange coming up….any thoughts or ideas of what I could bring???

Rock on bloggers,



3 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason….

  1. Oh I haven’t felt spry for a long time!

    We just did a white elephant gift exchange and here are some suggestions from that groups laugh out loud packages:

    One person gave away a Starbucks gift card with only $.25 on it
    An old puzzle with only 1/2 the pieces
    A mug that had not been used in years – stained and with a used tea bag inside
    4 socks and none of them matched
    A well burned down candle

    I went home with a lovely polished rock!

    Hope all went well and you have a healthy holiday

  2. Spry is just a good goal for everyone to have! I hope you had a good holiday season, got a terrific white elephant gift, and are ringing in the new year feeling inspired. Happy New Year, my blogging friend.

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