Uncorked, relaxed, and singular…


There are sometimes where everyone just simply needs a moment by themselves.  Tonight might be that night for me.  I have spent the last few days in Aspen Colorado to which this trip has been just wonderful.  I was out on work and this is not my first time making this excursion, but it always seems like something new happens to pop up!

Usually on the first day of arrival, I really don’t have too much time to explore and get totally comfortable in my surroundings.  Usually…however this trip I definitely got a chance to take a new perspective on this outdoorsy, beautiful, and very tiny snow town.  I have so enjoyed this trip only from the stand point that I actually have had a chance to be an explorer and venture into familiar yet, uncharted territory.  Sometimes all a girl needs is to just simply get lost.

Upon my arrival, I got to be queen of the world…well at least Aspen (maybe simply just for a day…but queen either way).  There are so many little quirks and hidden gems that I was completely unaware of in a sense.  How many little details you seem to miss in the hustle and bustle of a heavy work week.  It is easy to get lost in craziness if you allow it to be so.  How fortunate I was though to come in on a day that it was very low key.

I found the usual hotspots…PoppyCocks on the Square, Boogies Diner, and a few deli’s everywhere.    I came across many statues of random animals and people.  Outside the The Little Nell, it actually has a statue of a man tying his boot and I know that it sounds weird as I know it exists…but it truly makes me hop every time I see him.  I found the Catholic Church, rode the gondola to the top of the mountain, found the little art shops etc.  I must confess I got lost several times but….BUT…..BUT in my defense that is the best!  I also “stubbled upon” Glory Hole Park.  This just so happens to be a big inside joke with a few of my fellow co-workers about this mystery that before this point was simply a landmark on a map.  Literally as I was walking home, looked up and it hit me!  PICTURE TIME!  Image

This is one of the many destinations that I discovered.  I sit here after a long day at work now with my bottle of “sweet red but cheap” wine (literally that is what I asked for at the liquor store) by myself and the only buddies I am hanging out with is the Golden Girls.  What better company than Betty White???  No but seriously!  Sounds lame, but sometimes all a girl needs is just simply to uncork, relax, and be one…with herself.

More to come stay tuned……

7 thoughts on “Uncorked, relaxed, and singular…

  1. My town has just been through a huge storm system, with lots of damage to the trees all around…This weekend as everyone is cleaning up the mess and getting out to survey, everyone is talking about how they feel the need to relax and let go of the extra adrenaline – un wind from the storm….and yet they truly can not because the storm made so much more work to deal with.
    I envy you the time to uncork and unwind…how wonderful and how necessary to the human spirit.
    Thank you for sharing

    • I hope that you are able to uncork and unwind soon. You are so very correct in the necessity to the spirit! We all deserve to feel relaxed and refreshed! 🙂

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