Against my better judgement


Tonight I just killed a pint of double fudge brownie ice cream.  Oh don’t worry….I worked out first and I definitely burned some calories.  My day was a really rough one.  And it is totally not OK to judge me for this one….so don’t OK?

Day started at the doctor’s office…had to get blood work and a shot.  They were fine.  Not to mention, Aunt Flow is visiting…you know…she is the one I don’t care for so much. (who really likes her anyways!)  This cold is kicking my tail end and I accidentally let the F word slip today.  I let today get the best of me.  AND why?  Why did I let people’s comments get to me?  Was it just because I wasn’t feeling good and using it as an excuse?  What other excuse did I use today?

Just simply one of those days.  So tonight I am vowing not to let my day get the best of me.  I WILL not eat a pint of ice cream as my waist line and booty do NOT need it.  I will not cuss as that is not what classy ladies do.  I will smile because I have a beautiful smile.  I will choose to have  a better day because I will take advantage of what opportunities may come.  Seize the day!


Awww….well against my better judgment….maybe I will at least enjoy a few nibbles of ice cream….just not a whole thing this time!

Keep on going…


Today blog friends, I wish to share with you something that is so important.  A theme of mine currently is “keep on going”.  One of which, take it or leave it, can be a really great encouragement or if allowed to be a huge “in your face” fail….I choose to see it as my little cheerleaders on the race side of the finish line through this transitional whatever I am in currently.  It is one more chance to be joyful in gaining endurance.  I need to have patience and take this opportunity on with faith and trust that I will excel despite the factors working against me.


This theme has infiltrated my work as well as personal relationships.  Perseverance and prayerful discernment are key to accomplishing what goals we may have, in addition to starting new chapters! We might as well embrace the new endeavors and challenges with excitement and seize the day for everything it is!  This fresh empowering attitude has been a huge help with me growing as an individual and finding my place in my own little world.  No play on my size at all…ha.

One new thing I have learned is I have many gifts that can be of benefit to others.  This was seen today at lunch when a woman who was exactly my size just got the biggest kick out of me!  I think she was just so overjoyed to find someone that was in her same shoes that it was enough to make her day.  Something just so simple!  I would love to be able to do that everyday for someone!  Oh wait…I can!  It is my contribution to recognize what gifts I have to give to others as well offer to humanity.  I have a way of making people feel good about themselves.  I don’t say this in a cocky-pat yourself on the back sort of way, just in that I recognize that I have a lot to offer others just by being myself.  I recognize the worth of a smile; the worth of a gentle touch….a hug!  The worth of being understanding of others as well as giving them compassion toward their fights and struggles.  I also see the greatness in the little things.  That in it’s own is a huge gift!

What gifts do you have to offer?  If you say you have none, then I ask you to “keep on going” as that is the only way your going to find out!  Find out just what you are made of…that is what life is all about really.  Do not think “I have lost all hope” in the down times, just say what ELSE do I have to offer? 

Let us stop beating ourselves and others up and keep on going!  Believe in yourself and figure it out!  Keep on taking the downtimes as opportunity to be the best person we can be not only for ourselves but for the sake of everyone that needs us in their lives.  Let us choose to be bright little souls that give nothing but love and grace to others.  If your just not there yet…Keep on going!  You will get there… steps.  


A Tribute to Whitney: what I have learned…


One can only be reckless for so long before our body has enough.  Do something for your OWN well being and appreciate the gift you are today.  I know that this reckless and unnecessary behavior has lead to so many premature deaths in my own world or in that of the “Celebrity” universe as well.  

A situation came up this weekend where someone criticized a “remembrance of life” of the one and only Whitney Houston.  By criticizing someone over mourning the life of someone that they never personally met and who was seemingly being praised and remembered for her train wreck personal life is just wrong.  We are mourning a life taken too soon and a talent still with such potential if only she made different decisions.  Despite her personal decisions, there is no denying the amount of impact this one little soul had not only on developing a Gospel-fed genre of music integrated into mainstream music to which inspired many, but personally touched so many women and men everywhere.  I personally felt that her music was genuine and her vocals were a God-given talent.  I cannot tell you how many times I sing her songs in the shower, in the car, singing Karaoke, or otherwise having a bad day.  She not only inspired other artists to expand their vocals and outreach, but inspired me to let the lungs wail once in a while in a healthy and positive manner.  EVERYONE needs that.


This is how I will always remember Ms. Houston...

Sometimes simply singing one of her songs in the privacy of my humble abode just simply makes my day a little better.  Brighter.  Her amount of emotion, my amount of matching emotion usually was enough to just allow me to breathe clearer as the song would end.  It clears my mind, heart, and allows me to actually think clearer.  One may never fully appreciate or know the extent to which a song or a person have affected us as a human being usually until it is too late. 

And you know, I felt sorry for her home life.  We can’t ever judge that.  All I can say is that we have our own choice to love and I believe that she truly tried to love despite all that was happening.  This beautiful soul failed in one regard in my opinion…that was in loving herself.  The body cannot handle what she became toward the end of her life….and not to mention after she met Bobby Brown.  That is the true tragedy.  

If there is one thing I have learned thru Whitney Houston’s death, it’s that life is so fragile and we need to thank God everyday for the breath to live just one more day.  Life is never guaranteed.  It is so important, now more than ever, to learn to turn to the light and take positive steps forward.  We must always be working on ourselves and loving ourselves selflessly.  This then starts to translate and permeate other relationships we might have in our lives.  Love God first, love self second and allow God to work thru us in a positive manner.

If you take anything from this post, anything at all, just remember to say ‘I love you’ to the people that mean something to you.  Give hugs and keep in touch.  Appreciate who is given to you and their worth to you as you never know when they might be called away.  No regrets, right?

❤ The CatMan