Against my better judgement


Tonight I just killed a pint of double fudge brownie ice cream.  Oh don’t worry….I worked out first and I definitely burned some calories.  My day was a really rough one.  And it is totally not OK to judge me for this one….so don’t OK?

Day started at the doctor’s office…had to get blood work and a shot.  They were fine.  Not to mention, Aunt Flow is visiting…you know…she is the one I don’t care for so much. (who really likes her anyways!)  This cold is kicking my tail end and I accidentally let the F word slip today.  I let today get the best of me.  AND why?  Why did I let people’s comments get to me?  Was it just because I wasn’t feeling good and using it as an excuse?  What other excuse did I use today?

Just simply one of those days.  So tonight I am vowing not to let my day get the best of me.  I WILL not eat a pint of ice cream as my waist line and booty do NOT need it.  I will not cuss as that is not what classy ladies do.  I will smile because I have a beautiful smile.  I will choose to have  a better day because I will take advantage of what opportunities may come.  Seize the day!


Awww….well against my better judgment….maybe I will at least enjoy a few nibbles of ice cream….just not a whole thing this time!

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