Road Less Traveled by…Little Victories!


As stolen by ET's FB page.....

A lot of my current life right now revolves around learning how to be strong and accepting that not everyone is going to understand what you are doing in life.  It is hard when you know in your heart what you are set out to accomplish is not a very accepted idea….let alone have a positive response right off the bat.  Everyone is a critic.  Everyone thinks that they are the expert and they have this idea of where things ought to be.  No one takes in to consideration the other end of it: vision.

When I say vision, I mean let’s think big.  Thinking past our own feet.  Dare to dream and dare to do!  That is exactly my thoughts anyways…It has taken me 3 years of screaming to get our “professional” or work image cleaned up…or developed…and it is finally to the point where my boss/owner/dad said “Do it!”  So here I walk on a road less traveled by and venture into the great unknown…marketing and branding land!  What is so different about now?  This is a team!  Even though the support is not exactly there right now, I will get creative in approach and attitude.  We will see just how good the little CatMan is at the power of persuasion.  Let’s see just how beneficial this will be!  I have high aspirations…

I know you all can feel my excitement and energy clear across the blogosphere!  Well grab some of the energy and create little victories of your own!  I got one little victory today…and I am jumping up and down with pride!!!  So no more of this “You can’t” bit….because you see, “I can!  I am CatMan….THE CatMan…and you can hear my roar, can’t you?”   (happy dance)

9 thoughts on “Road Less Traveled by…Little Victories!

  1. I was attacked by a can’t on Monday morning this week…I started defending myself instead of saying “watch me!”
    because in truth she was attacking from her fear of death and I was too proud of all my healing
    She’s just faking her optimism and cheeriness and using her words of attack to cover up.

    • Can’ts will always be around…it is a true practice of turning a can’t into a can! All about awareness. Once we become aware of the “can’ts” existence….next step? POOF be gone! Keep on going with humility 🙂

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