What’s your number?


So how many frogs are you supposed to kiss before you are finally given a prince?  How many butt heads (being polite for the little ears in the audience) do you have to go through before you finally give up?  Well the verdict is still out.  I presume this number…this fancy little integer…this nagging little in your face number about how a woman is supposed to conduct her love life is just dumb.  I said it.  I might be so bold as to say there is no such thing as one magic number which predicts the time and person you will fall in love with BECAUSE may I be so bold AGAIN to say (just in case you didn’t hear the first time), sometimes it simply just happens!

How many times do we have to be subjected to the pressure of finding Mr. Right when the expectations are such that we lose sight of who the heck we are?!  It is preposterous!  Why as a woman should I ever lose sight for one moment of who I am or what my goals are….or doing what I love because some stupid rules from society says so?  Who says I have to wear my fancy couture dress, always say please and thank you, cross my legs and always smile….and not to mention, mind my matters OH WAIT AND LOOK PERFECT ALL THE EFFING (again censoring for the little ears…this is Lent you know!) TIME!  How are we ever to find Mr. Right when we forget the very basics of who we are?  When we lose who we are, that is really when we find ourselves on a bumpy, curvy, and maybe even scary part of this journey of ours…

I used to think that you had to act a certain way to get a guy to notice you.  That is simply not the case.  Just be yourself, perfection and flaws they are you!  You were made with all of that already thought of and the Big Guy knew what He was doing…so you might as well embrace it because you are only going to get better the more you understand and know yourself.  Decide what you want and go get it girl!  You deserve the world and there is nothing but opportunities knocking….and if their aren’t the opportunities then maybe you need to consider a change.

We should stop trying to act like everyone else.  Stop trying to be something you aren’t and just be yourself.  LOVE yourself.  You cannot love another until you love yourself first.  Simply love.  That alone is an accomplishment.

Once you learn that it is alright to be a size ten and have 10-1/2 sized shoes, or be a size 2 with nothing but skin on…short, tall, big, small….it doesn’t matter because it is all yours!  You are make just as you are for so much purpose.  Discover everything about you that is wonderful and I guarantee someone will notice.  cough cough…OK EVERYONE is going to notice.

It doesn’t take a magic number to figure that out.  It takes figuring out how to love and appreciate ourselves and the rest will soon follow.  No magic number.  No societal rules saying this is how you find “Mr. Right”. AND definitely no set formula to win “him” over whomever he is.  That part will happen as natural as the sun rising.

Believe in yourself.  Love and appreciate yourself as you are right now and everything you CAN be.  Go get it girl…this is all yours!

❤ CatMan