Today was a great day! I got to be driven around like I was someone important and learn about my family history. We traced my father’s aide pretty far and right during the revolutionary war! I might be a Daughter of the Revolution! My family has been here longer than I thought. Heck! We might of come over on the Mayflower for all we know (oh man if so then I think I would laugh at the randomness of this discovery!) I also blocked a migraine without the assistance of caffeine right away and the sun was out!

I had a lot of discoveries today besides the afore mentioned… I am actually considering Cosmetology School in addition to all the other crazy things that I am doing! I think I can swing it and it’s only for a year or so and I would have to cut back on extra activities but by doing this, it will be something new and exciting. I think it would be something I might really love doing. My mom was really optimistic about it as well… That’s always a good sign! Now here’s to figuring out the logistics…

<;3 CatMan

(pic of one of my relatives tombstones! How freaky is it that she died April 8, 1852 and we found it April 7, 2012???)


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