Comfort and Laughs, please!


“When we face the most difficult and painful situations, when it seems that God does not hear, we must not be afraid to entrust the whole weight of our overburdened hearts to him, we must not fear to cry out to him in our suffering, we must be convinced that God is close, even if he seems silent.” -Pope Benedict XVI

Today has been one of those days.  Oh Debbie Downer, how beautiful you are!  I have been really trying to pick myself up after beating myself up.  Not my fault but no one else is taking responsibility and explaining to people what is up so might as well.  Here is some humor for you.

Today while out picking up some work supplies, I decided that I had enough with the birds using my car for target practice.  I stopped by the car wash.  I was very leery of this as I have been having issues rolling my drivers side window up.  I roll it down (Good), paid the man for the small ride thru (as I press my window-up button and was pushing up the side of the window to ensure it was up all of the way–OK GREAT! CHECK!) and started on in….the gentleman started knocking “Ma’am your window is down!”  DARNIT!  Yes my passenger’s side window was cracked as suds started flowing into my car.  THANKS MAN!  You saved the inside from getting washed too!

The cheerleader was defeated today.  I am so very frustrated.  Work, family, etc…everything just seems to be piling up!  It is frustrating to feel that my hands are tied.  I am burned out.  I hate when this happens.  This transition that I am in right now is a very difficult one at that.  I am starting school this fall again.  I have always wanted to do Cosmetology.  This is something that has been with me since I was a child.  I love the idea of being able to help people look pretty even when they are having a rough day.  It is healing to me to sit and talk thru other people’s stuff as it gives me greater insight into my own life.  I shouldn’t really be complaining, but emotionally I am just over so much right now.

I miss my Granny Grunt dearly right now.  She died when I was in college.  I feel her so strong right now.  I watched a special on the Queen of England and just felt so connected in many ways.  Maybe it was because my Granny Grunt’s Mom was from England.  Or maybe it is because I am destined to marry Prince Harry…who knows!  Yorkshire, that is where my Great Grandma Nellie was born .  Does anyone know what is there?  Maybe Granny is trying to tell me something?  Who knows.  

Image      Don’t you sometimes just feel like she does???? Dressed up stupidly and not able to speak up for yourself…..sigh…..


Even though today was hard….it will not be my hardest day ever so therefore I simply rejoice and give all my burdens back up to the God that gave them to me.  I pray not for a lighten load and not to complain with what I was given, but to ask for help and broadened shoulders and strength along the way.  That is the best for keeping things in perspective.  I must keep today in perspective.  I know God hears me.  I know He grants me comfort and laughs too.  I just want a little more comfort and laughs please!  🙂