Everything is sound



Hair highlighted.  Check!

Smile applied.  Check!

Red lipstick.  Double Check!

Realizing self worth as priceless…CHECK!

Sometimes it takes a night out with the girls to realize it’s OK to be where you are at and that you should enjoy each and every moment.  I think that it was a great weekend.  I will be exhausted, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner!   So what am I thankful for?  I have an extreme appreciation and gratitude toward a lot right now.  I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to choose to be happy.  I am happy for the ability to be apart of my circle of family and friends to which help build me up rather than tearing me down.  I am thankful for laughter.  Babies.  Dating sites.  Customers.  Catch phrases…and so on beyond that tiny list.  I am grateful for food on my plate, a roof over my head, warmth at night, and like minded optimistic surroundings.  So, what is it that you have to be thankful for?

What is the sound of gratitude?

❤ CatMan


Humor for the day….


Here is your humor for the day….a coworker was having lunch with his “girl that is only a friend” and he walked her out to the car. Well it was right out front of the office so my receptionist looked out bc she saw a shadow and was questioning what it was. Well it was a co-worker’s hair as she saw him playing tonsil hockey with this supposed “girl that is only a friend”!

So about 3 minutes into it, there was quite a gathering for the show! My dad walks up and goes what are you all looking at? He saw then he walked out the front door. We just were dying as we knew what he was going to do…then we see my dad get out of the car…walk up to HER car and knock on the window! “Everybody needs a hug!” She got up and hugged him then they drove around to the back of work! Embarrassed as all you know what! On the production board, to make matters worse, someone wrote ‘Good Job (insert name of co-worker here)!!! Way to go!!!!’

Next “ha ha” of the day, walking out of the mall a man stopped me and made a comment…”MAN you make me feel like Shaq today!!!”  I just smiled and said have a great day!

Where’s my stepping stool?

The CatMan