Just love this girl….Hope you all enjoy her fun Dutch gone Italian lingo. So interesting. 🙂


For those who’ve been in Italy or know Italian people, know that Italians don’t only talk with their mouth. The gestures they make with their hands, arms or sometimes even the whole body are equally as important when they talk! The below pictures I got from the internet and I found them so funny I wanted to share them with you. See it as an important lession of learning to ‘talk’ Italian:

After living in Italy for over 5 years now, I must admit I use some of these gestures as well…  I mostly like to use number 1,2,3,7 and 10. From the below picture I sometimes use number 1…I know, I know… not very nice for a girl, but let’s leave it to the fact I’ve become Italian??!!

Which gesture do you find funny, strange, not done or anything else??

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