Double 2’s: The Misadventures of CatMan….love lessons galore


I am a firm believer in signs.  Everything happens for a reason.  Today flexibility was a major lesson.  You have to love your flexibility because if you aren’t able to be flexible then I am pretty sure that your blood pressure is out of whack!  Interesting enough, I was flying out this morning when as I was checking in at the airport, I realized that my flight was delayed.  OK….cool, calm, collected.  I was early so they got me all checked in for my flight and then I was on my way.  You should know that there is NEVER a dull moment with me and traveling.

I get through security. PASS.  Get into my gate only to find that it had been changed.  Alright one more little detour.  Over the loud speaker, “Will that awesome amazing CatMan please report to your nearest United Clerk….she has had one of those days and we want to reward you!”  Oh, if you must reward me!  I made my way up to the desk where the clerk (who was just sweet as pie) informed me that they had been misinformed and that she placed me on the original flight that I was supposed to be on and that everything would go back as originally planned.  YEEEEESSSS!  (WHOOO HOOOOO INNER HAPPY DANCE COMING OUT!!!)  I mean thank you!

It really wasn’t too terrible of a morning.  I was clean.  I had a raspberry latte, apple cinnamon scone, and a smile on my face.  I do love traveling.  🙂

While in line to board, there was a woman in a wheel chair and she was asking a gentleman a question.  He asked if she wanted to board as they had said at the beginning that those who are military, special accommodations, or wheel chairs could board first.  So he took and helped her.  That was very thoughtful.

My flight was wonderful.  It was close to a 3 hour flight and I had the most fascinating conversation.  This gentleman was about my father’s age and he was really a cool dude!  He and I basically talked about anything and everything and I was so appreciative.  His over all lesson that he brought me was that people come into our lives for reasons.  Timing is everything and when in doubt listen to your heart.  His story was so wonderful.  In the Navy, he traveled and saw the world.  At the ripe age of 24 while in AZ, he met his life.  He has 8 beautiful children and celebrating 30 years of marriage this year.  I asked him if he knew right away and he said as soon as he set eyes on her.  That was way cool.

My next flight got delayed.  I sat and talked with another woman, she was so cool too.  We had a great heart to heart. I asked her how her and her husband met and she said fishing. She too knew right away that he was the one for her.  She said they just went down to the court house as she didn’t want to make a big to do!  She explained the feeling like falling off the curb and not knowing what happened.  Also, random side note, has anyone seen a man in the airport  with their electric razor shaving his face?  It was a pretty random funny situation.  I tried not to stare…..

I am not quite sure how I am blessed to have these wonderful amazing encounters, but I am.  I will take it.  I cannot explain all the joy I have from these messengers except to say I am very grateful for the experience.  Final lessons, quality friends need time and connection as much as anyone.  If you truly love and treasure these friends, keep in touch.  Friends are hard to come by.  Love the one’s you are given.

A truly grateful heart, and lots of love to receive and give, through any misadventure remember to always love or seek the love and it will always make things better.

From one free spirit to the next,

❤ CatMan


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