42: Monday Schmunday


Today really has been a goofy day.  I was very productive mind you then the wind started to pick up.  I mean LITERALLY pick up.  I took my lunch break to drop off a few items, drive through some place and get some food, then come back and all would be well.  HA. It was blowing so hard it blew me into my door!  How rude, right?

Well my short excursion was off to the bang and I found that couldn’t roll my window up after the drive through!  Second big bang.  That was bad and I found myself cursing at my car, calling it names, and finally out of frustration just turned my music up and drove on into the sunset.

Oh and it is a good thing I don’t care so much about my hair as it was a HOT MESS!  It looked like I had been through a tornado and back as it was all sorts of crazy!  Whooo!

Well aside from everything today, yesterday I came across a gem of a love lesson.  So today it is my reminder that love still exists even when you get thrown into your car door and your hair looks crazy.  🙂

“True love is a very beautiful thing and it will always find a way.” -Fragments of My Life, Catherine de hueck Doherty (pg 37)

Happy Monday Schmunday!