Heart Forever Changed: Love


Appreciation can make a day – even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. — Margaret Cousins

Today, I am full of love and appreciation. You know when someone has had such an impact on you that your heart is forever changed.  It is by the grace of God that this occurs.  I have a very good friend to which has touched and transformed my heart and soul.  We have been friends for 6 years and we got reconnected after sometime.  I can’t quite explain it in words yet.  Maybe he inspired me?  Maybe my heart is still full of love from the wedding. 😉 Or maybe I am just starting to get this “how to love” thing…I love those people in my life that challenge me, inspire me, and push me to be the best person I can be!

Who and what do you appreciate today? Dare to appreciate and live your life with a purpose. It doesn’t have to be a BIG purpose. That is the misconception. It is not through BIG things to which progress is made. It is through small acts of purpose and love to which sustains and fulfills our deepest needs. I want to challenge you to inspire and positively affect one person today. Tell someone today you appreciate them.

❤ The CatMan


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