Love’s ups and downs


Love, like faith, cannot be based on a feeling for feelings come and go as they please. Love has to have something more sustaining rooting-in verse a high and low feeling. Love should be rooted-in truth. We should strive to love consistently across the board. This being said, it will help us to discern what is really love and what is infatuation.

Love is there even though it’s not expressed in a blatant fashion. Love can be tough. It’s hard to look honestly at a person and tell the truth to their face, but love stands for the truth. If a person gets mad at your honesty, that is their misunderstanding not yours.

Love shouldn’t be confused with feelings either because feelings indicate a fondness for a person, but love is more than that. Feelings are an indicator that love might be present….then careful discernment should occur.

Love is patient, love is kind….

❤ The CatMan


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