Body Image: For the love of her husband and out of respect for herself


I came across a great blog post I wanted to share!  It is regarding a former Victoria’s Secret model.  She explains why she left the Fashion Industry in a very integrity driven response.  I commend this woman greatly.

I also appreciate that she recognizes that she wants to be sexy for her husband–not for all men.  That is beautiful.  That is love right there and being respectful to herself.  I wish more young women thought like that!

❤ CatMan


Reclaiming Beauty: Love is appreciating you for you!


Here is a link to Leah Darrow’s blog:

Beauty is not something accepted by mainstream.  Fashion is.  Beauty in it’s purest form is something that comes from peace and appreciation for one’s self.  Beauty comes from accepting yourself and your flaws and learning to “work it!”  This was a beautiful post spotlighting an amazing project.  

Feel free to click through the link she posts on “Positive Exposure”.  It is just inspiring the way this photographer is spotlighting and drawing awareness toward these different disorders.  Worth sharing!

❤ CatMan


Love is Supporting


A girlfriend of mine is trying to raise money for a great cause!  Please consider supporting her:

Come support the GFO Bowl to Give event NEXT Sunday September 22nd, 2013!!! This will be an incredible time of fellowship and recognition for the accomplishments achieved towards supporting the GIVE FIFTY ONE Vision Bus!! The event is from 1-3 PM at 10 Park Lanes on 1700 Montford Dr Charlotte, NC 28209. We still have raffle tickets for $20 a piece. Winner will win a $1000 cash prize. Online donations can be made at Be sure to check out our page too or message me for more info. Have a great day everyone!

Bowl to Give

The Bowl to Give event will be a friendly competition to continue to raise money and awareness for child homelessness in Charlotte.