To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar


Last night, I was watching the movie “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar” with my man friend and thought to myself, ‘there are some really good messages in this movie!’  Patrick Swayze played the lead role of Vida along side of Wesley Snipes who played Noxeema.  I must say both looked very convincing as women.  ANYways….

Vida has a bleeding heart.  She will insert herself if someone needs her to be there.  She is trying to look out for others, take them under her wing, and it seems just put other’s ultimately before herself.  What I realized last night was that sometimes it takes an adventure to figure out just what you are made of and what you can become.  It takes the support of friends and ultimately their love and acceptance.  It was a sentimental comedic approach to Vida’s example of support and love.  I think all women or “career girls” could take a lesson or two from her example.

She was calm in all the positions she landed herself in as well as carried herself with style and grace.  She did what she had to do for those she cared about EVEN if that meant having to step in the middle of a domestic violence situation to stand up for her new friend Carol Ann (Stockard Channing).  It was that relationship and that of another relationship with Chi-Chi which really demonstrated what supporting a friend can do.  Vida built others up.  She helped them feel fashionable and full of confidence.  She really did try to be a true friend to those who were around them.

Even though this was presented in a humorous fashion, it demonstrated strangers accepting outsiders and embracing them. They were loving to them and despite their very different upbringings were able to come together with a little kindness.  Goes to show you a little kindness goes a long way and it might just be enough to awaken your dormant spirit.  This little adventure changed their lives and brought them together.

Why not try to do as Vida does today!  Be kind to those around you and treat them as you desire to be treated.  Love them.  Be there for them.  Set the example for those who don’t get it.  You never know what impact that will have on them!