I Am Seeing A Trend


Brilliant post for any woman who is in the dating pool! Thoughtful insight into the communication and battle of sexes. Another awesome friend pointed out that women have spaghetti brains and men have waffle brains. While women seem to jumble everything and constantly sliding, moving, reviewing and analyzing what is around them the man will address one problem then move on to the next. Another friend once told me that women almost feel the need to project like a beacon….men don’t need to do that. They might be thinking of you but they aren’t always going to reach out every moment that they are like girls want to do. It is equally as interesting being comfortable in the silent parts of a beginning relationship. If a man takes you out, be patient and encourage. What a brilliant reminder to have perseverance and greater Trust in God. Hope you enjoy!

The Veil of Chastity

I have been meaning to do a book review ofReal Men Don’t Text by Ruthie and Michael Dean. I will share my review of the book in this post but the main point that I would like to share with you is that I am seeing a trend related to texting.

What is the trend? The girls who write to me with broken hearts indicate that the main mode of communication between them and the guy who broke their heart is:


There is a trend that goes like this: in-person contact, disappear, text, failed promise, text, disappear, text….

“He texted me on Valentine’s Day but I didn’t hear from him again until 5 days later. Again, a text.”

“I slept with him and then he disappeared for a week. Then, he texted me asking why he had not heard from me. It is infuriating!”

Back In…

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