Being Extraordinary


Something worth noting, life is an adventure.  You can choose to live for yourself or for others, although the second option is much more satisfying.

As seen on The Humans of New York Facebook Page

As seen on Humans of New York Facebook Page

I believe there is a misconception of what being extraordinary means.  Being extraordinary doesn’t have to always indicate doing something major to accommodate the notion you are something special.  I think the smallest of gestures make the largest of impact.  You were created to be you in the fullest of terms…and it is through virtues as such you become extraordinary.  Being extraordinary is just simply being the best version of yourself.

Give kindness.  Get kindness.

Practice patience always.

Never give up on yourself or your dreams.

Believe and be confident.

Stand up tall despite what anyone tells you.

Be not afraid.

Have a little faith.

Don’t settle.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Be compassionate and willing to reach out to others.

Don’t be afraid to feel real emotions.

Trust that everything is always going to be OK.

❤ CatMan


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