It Never Gets Easier; You Just Get Stronger


My darling friend Erica wrote this. She is an amazing Nurse and really pours her heart into whatever comes her way! Do you throw your heart into everything you do?

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I was spending some time pinning this afternoon and came across this pin….

Pinterest Pin

Underneath the pin it says “oncology nurse”.  I 100% agree with this. On Friday afternoon I sat with my coworker who has been an oncology nurse for around 15 years as she had a meltdown asking me how she is going to continue to do this. Every nurse has these, no matter what field… but I feel like it is especially hard in a field like oncology. We see people’s lives getting cut short and changed drastically every day. We mourn the loss of people who’s lives and families we have poured into month after month.

Just a few weeks ago I sat at my desk as one of the dietitians I work with and I stared at each other. In the span of a month we had lost two patients in their 30s. Two…

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