Four Key Exercises for Cardiovascular Health


Trying to get motivated for workouts again….really great article encouraging me to do it for the pursuit of health, fitness, and happiness!



Four Key Exercises for Cardiovascular Health

One of the most important aspects of general fitness is cardiovascular fitness—this type of fitness refers to how effectively your heart provides oxygen-enriched blood to your body’s tissues during exercise. However, because the benefits of cardiovascular fitness are present whether you are at work or at rest, achieving an optimum level of cardiovascular fitness can potentially add years to your life.

Best of all, cardiovascular conditioning offers some of the greatest variety when it comes to exercise selection—in fact, any exercise that raises your heart rate and respiration can make some difference. On the other hand, certain exercises can definitely deliver results that are better, faster, or even both.

Below are four exercises that provide some of the best possible results for cardiovascular fitness, along with a brief explanation of specific benefits.

Rowing- Rowers are typically among the most overlooked machines in the gym…

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