Lake Tahoe!


So my friend Erica and I went to Lake Tahoe last month. If you have never been there, you should definitely go at some point. It is beautiful! ❤ CatMan

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This past month, Catie and I spent 5 days in Lake Tahoe. Totally. Worth. Every. Penny! Here is a summary of our trip and what we recommend from it!

Heavenly Gondola Ride;

Catie:  3AM wake-up calls are rough.  Really rough.  I drove up to Erica’s apartment the night before we left.  It takes about a little over 3.5 hours to get there and with minimum stops I arrived safely in one piece.  We got to bed shortly there after as our excursion was a cab call at 4AM.

Erica: Getting up early wasn’t the problem for me… it was the staying awake. Catie got to watch me pass out on the plane… you know the whole face smashed into the plane window and drool going down my cheek… she was quite amused.


Catie: Getting an early start was the perfect way to take advantage…

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