Halloween Party Mix


Happy Halloween!

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Not only is it Friday…it also just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays. IT’S HALLOWEEN!

“…This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…” (The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993)

Halloween, for me, has so many fond memories. We would have family parties where would be contests of which family had the best costumes. The creativity really flowed. We would try to come up with the biggest and best costumes because that was totally awesome. I mean, if you didn’t have a great costume then you weren’t really celebrating Halloween properly.

HalloweenCostume2014 Dave and Sara’s Halloween Costume (my little brother and his fiancé)

My family would watch scary movies. We would take over the kitchen and carve pumpkins. We would make scary treats to share. When we would go Trick-or-Treating, my parents always made sure we went to our Grandparent’s houses first. This was where we had a mini photo shoot and even…

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