I Wouldn’t Change a Thing


#WorldCancerDay We all know people who are affected by this little yet big thing called cancer. Let’s show our support today and send good vibes, prayers, and let those who work IN the health business know how much we appreciate them fighting with us!

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Recently I was talking with someone who doesn’t know me very well and they asked if I see myself in oncology nursing for the rest of my career. I answered honestly – I can’t imagine my career without working with cancer patients in some way, shape, or form. I truly do love what I do. Even when the world seems to be crashing, I can’t catch up, my feet ache, my brain hurts, I’m sobbing over exhaustion, or I’m sobbing over grief. I was made to do this. I’m not exactly sure when cancer patients became a passion of mine – it was more something that seems to have been weaved into the soul of who I am made to be.


It’s World Cancer Day. So what does World Cancer Day mean to me?

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