Day 16 AND 17: Year 27


Day 16 and 17: Love is realizing how much people care about making your day. I am beyond blessed at the amount of support, prayers, birthday wishes, and most of all love that you all have shown me. It really makes a girl feel like she is glowing!

Yeah I know I am full of sappy appreciation and gratitude however you all are simply the best! Never ever forget that! ♥

From my sister planning dinner, staying up WAY past her bed time to make me a relished iced cake, and surprising me with friends who are near and dear for my birthday….in addition to the pouring of Book of Face messages, chocolate covered strawberries, money, and Starbucks!  It just makes a girl feel like she is on fire!  I needed this encouragement.

It is for that reason alone, I am simply amazed.  Year 27 started off to an amazing start.  Just simply so blessed with the people God put into my world!  This is the fuel to which keeps me going…Thank you all!!!

❤ That CatMan girl….