Coffee with a Spoonful of Humor


Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything you thought was going to happen, didn’t?  Let me explain. It is like where you get something in your head and it is WAY worse than you think it’s going to be…you build this fear up in your noggin about this and about that for what?  FOR NOTHING.

Well this morning I figured was going to be slammed with obligations of work, requests from persons needing answers right away, and that I was going to have a to-do-list the size of me!  For those of you who don’t know, I am all of 4′ 8″. My personality is as strong and robust as a 7″ male who may or may not be a body builder.  Anyways, that most definitely was not the case this morning.  This morning (knock on wood) has been reflective and relaxing.  It has been one where I have been able to pace myself and accomplish what is needed with little strain mentally or physically.

This morning, I woke up at 6am; however, I didn’t get out of bed until 6:45am.  I took a longer shower taking time to shave my legs, wash my hair, and cover up the blemishes.  I was completely ready by 7:25am and then I decided to dump my mother’s hot tea everywhere.  It took me a few minutes to clean that sticky mess up.  10 minutes later we were off to school!  I was astounded that it took me 40 minutes to complete all of that and then it was off to drop my sister off at school (who takes after me in the mornings with unheard alarms, puffy eyes, and ouch demeanor until fully able to accept she has to be awake).  Heck I even had first round of coffee in hand!  We were cordial to each other.  She made it to school on time and her hair looked great.  Despite her tardiness and rough start, she had hair curled and make-up completed.  Check and check!  Not exactly what I though was going to be the outcome of such a rough start.

As I pull in to work, I sit there for a small moment.  I thought let’s pull ourselves together there CatMan and let’s make this a good day!  As I went to lift my coffee thermos out of my cup holder, the cup slammed down spraying coffee everywhere! It seems that I might be in a bit of a war with traveling liquids today!  I am sure that those surrounding me could hear the colorful vocabulary as the rough start was just topped with a big ol’ cherry!

I scurried into work and tried to clean myself up.  A co-worker cleaned my jacket so I could run out and clean my new car off.  What a stickier mess than before!  In thinking that I had cleaned all of it off I realized my outfit had spots and my tan seats now had spots as well.  Dang!  It was just bound to be one of those days!

Well everything ended up alright despite the hilarity of my morning.  Mind you all of this excitement happened prior to 8am.  Lovely isn’t it?

Sister pretty and to school on time, 2 drinks spilled, a trip to the dry cleaner later…it turned out to be a pretty good day over all.  I could laugh at the first part because WHO DOES THAT!?  CATMAN DOES!  Oh well….I could think of much worse things to happen…but let’s not go there!

Klinky and Klutzy