A friend still loves you


“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard

No matter what you do in your life (good or bad) a true friend will see you through it all. It is that sort of love and loyalty we all seek in this life.  Life is about relationships with God, our family, friends, casual relationships, strangers, etc.  Life is the culmination of interactions for better or worse and the events, emotions, and over all cultivated lesson over time.  That is what creates a life.

Sometimes it takes giving up our selfish dreams to see what God’s purpose is.  It is hard to think we don’t have control over our life in that regard, but that is where the mystery and excitement comes in to play!  Control is a hard concept for us humans.  God’s plan is much bigger than we could ever know!  The only thing we really have any sort of control over is our actions.

This week has been focused on saying yes to God in little ways.  That means examining my intentions of actions, intending to do good (not harm another) in these daily choices, and supporting God’s purpose for me here and now.  You might also say life is to the culmination of ‘yes’ over a person’s lifetime.  To me, I don’t think I could ever say I was 100% fulfilled by not at least trying to say yes in my actions at this point.

I believe that everyone was created with a purpose.  It is our life’s goal to figure that out before we die.  I don’t think it is as much in the “figuring it out” that is where our focus should be as much as it is in allowing God to reveal that purpose when we are ready.  Saying yes is taking the first step.

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God as He reveals His purpose for us also allows for relationships to exist for better or worse.  I must confess I believe I have the best set of friends a girl could ask for in my world.  They support, speak the truth to my face (even when it is hard), and are there for me through the ups and downs of life.  They are there to listen and love when I find it hard to do so with myself!  They, like God, never leave.  They are constant, consistent, and most of all I know they love me for me.  This is flaws and all.

A friend still loves you.  🙂

❤ CatMan


Day(s) 47-49: Love Grows and Love Notes



I have seriously the best friends in the world.  Over the past few days of not “posting” I have accumulated several Love Notes/Visits from my dearly beloved.  I will share them below:

“Dearest Catherine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER!!! Sorry I can not be there for your birthday, but I hope you are having a great/fun filled day.  Sending lots of love your way!  🙂  Much love, KBJ”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite Sweetie.  Jim”

A friend showed up at the salon last Monday with a handful of chocolate for me for Valentine’s Day!  Not to mention, recommended a few people come and get their hair cut by me too!!  Totally sweet and awesome!

“I’M WIDE AWAKE! God allows special moments with good friends. Joe”

“Hey Catie, Have a great week! Rachel Fogarty  (Saw you in Adoration 🙂 )

“I miss you! Love, Claire (your bestest sis)”  (yes she really did write bestest….)

“Hope you know how much you mean to me…love you! :)”  (From my Sassy Sister!)

God Bless you, you are a special and sweet person.”  (Julia K my new friend as found sitting next to me on an airplane.)

I keep all my little love notes.  They are reminders when life is tough of all the people who support me and keep me strong.  They are the best group of men and women a girl could ask for!  I hope that I can be that friend for them in return whether that means helping someone through a rough break-up, giving them a congratulatory hug, or just simply making them laugh!  You know I am always up for a good laugh!

Sending out a few cards today.  As LOVE grows in my heart I cannot help but share the love….
The CatMan