OK so today’s status=happy!  I just ordered room service and it looks delicious!  I finished eating it and not three seconds later the darn fire alarm goes off!  BAM!  Just like that I shove my boots on, grab my room key and run down to get myself to the lobby.  When I got to the lobby, I first asked if this was for real.  It was but, not actually for a fire….just a water pipe.  (THANK GOODNESS!)

There have been many firsts this trip for me.  Since I have not had my bag all week I have been forced to wash my undies and socks in the sink of my hotel.  I blew them dry with a hair dryer.  check.  I also have sparked and met so many wonderful people in such a foreign place.  I have had many of spiritual experiences that I could not have had anywhere else.  I am so blessed.  I got to bond with some wonderful women that I would have never met had I not got stranded.  I ordered ROOM SERVICE!  Yes, that was a first.  I talked with some gentlemen around the bar about politics and morals and that was definitely a first!  AND most of all I fended for myself.  I made it and I did it.  I busted out of my sheltered shell and I had a great few days vacation!  I was placed here with a bigger purpose.  Bigger than me for sure.

Now I enjoy my coffee.  Relaxing and listening to Spoon.  Here have a tastes courtesy of

I now understand a few things that I would have never understood before if I had not just gone thru what I did.  There are many people who are bright souls.  Listen to your instinct and be kind to everyone.  You never know what is up in their world. You always will be blessed with kindness if you give and recognize kindness.  Recognize as equal as you do the GOOD, the BAD as well and rebuke it.  For it is when you recognize and rebuke the evil that you are able overcome and have a deeper understanding of where you stand and ultimately love.

Today I recognize my roots.  I am grounded.  I am beautiful and I am me.  Nothing about that is anything less than wonderful and amazing.  I want to be in good light so that I might touch more people’s lives in a POSITIVE way.  I love those who surround me with light and love and for those who don’t…you are still in my heart.  🙂

“Everything at this very moment is beautiful.  Everything right at this moment is turned from chaos to peace.  I recognize I am only human but thru listening to my instinct, my heart and soul and most of you almighty God my life will continue to forever change into light and of love.  Grant me with wisdom and understanding toward all of those that come in and out of my life and that I might not know of their situation.”

THE CatMan

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The Curse of Catherine


I must say I truly believe in the “Curse of Catherine” today of all days.  In my family, we have what we have deemed the “Curse of Catherine”.  On my dad’s side of things, both of my Great Grandmother’s were named Catherine, my grandmother’s middle name was Catherine, my Aunt Cathy (also Catherine)….etc….I think you get the idea.  Well my mom’s side it was the exact same…well sort of but, all you need to know is that this is why it is a “cursed” name.

Catherine’s in my family are known for being opinionated, tell it like it is kind of people, well dressed, klutzy, saying things at inappropriate times, woman on a mission, sometimes moody, etc.  I won’t bore you with the gory details.  Oh did I mention random-funny humorous whatevers… (like things that would never ever happen in a million years to someone else) happen to us all the time?  Anyways, so today I was sitting at lunch and I got approached by a man who very closely resembled and Italian Model.  Yes he was just that good looking!  OMgoodness he was so HOTT.  Sigh.  OK sorry you might start to notice I get off on tangents often….I will try to get back to the root of the story now!  AS I was saying….

This man was so good looking.  NO. Stop.  There was a gentleman that came and asked me if I was all by myself today.  I said yes, I was all by myself.  He was cute, young, and looked like he was a million bucks.  OH and he even smelt like a million bucks!  Well, he asked if he could keep me company since I was all alone.  I accepted.  🙂

Oh I was so flabbergasted that a guy of such a caliber could be sitting with little ole me!  We had a delightful conversation.  It was engaging, lively and most of all he had me so mesmerized!  We ordered our lunch and everything was going so well…As the conversation goes, I always knew that no cute random guy wants to talk to me without a catch!  sigh.  Well, it turns out he is ACTUALLY and Italian hustler looking for a cute girl to pimp out and he thought that I might be looking for some extra cash.  Judging by the way I dressed today, yeah I don’t blame him.  It was pretty bad.  When I jumped on my soap box and informed him in my most stern voice ever that “…I have standards and how dare you think that I could ever be made to look like a 2 ton floozy for cash none the less.  You should be run back to your country for this!  I think you are an ass!”  My voice, which I had been paying NO attention to, kept getting louder and louder and by the “ass” everyone had heard it in the joint.

After that, the little creep got his stuff and picked what little pride and dignity he had left and stuck me with his lunch!  What a jerk!  Needless to say, he must have been the one needing the money because you know like heck I could afford it!  😉  I am a high roller don’t ya know?!  Some people….

Well today was definitely a day for the “Curse of Catherine” to sneak out!  I told you.  Sigh.  Who else would this have happened to??  Oh well….guess we will try again tomorrow!