When the Zig-Zag-Z won’t work….


I just got back from the store and no joke, no I would not make this up…this very disgruntled black woman is going off on a manager in the check out line.  I have no idea what the heck it was over but she whipped out the “…I am a preacher” card and as my mom and I got out to the parking lot.  We peered thru the window and what do you know…her arms are waving all over the place!?  This is when you know not even the “Zig-Zag-Z” was working…and it still wasn’t working 20 minutes after the fact.  Just saying.  Yes I must confess I laughed at this poor woman’s struggle.




I met Nomad’s family this weekend.  It was pretty great.  I felt like I meshed pretty well.   His sister Dr. V was amazing to meet and his momma was oh so cute.  I enjoyed the time spent with great company.  Which funny story, I found out just how traditional Nomad is and it makes me chuckle a bit.  “No shoulder’s showing at church…”  hehehe.

I feel like life is a blur now.  I need a few moments to just breathe.  Just booked my flight to the Bahamas….who’s coming with me?


You’re fired!!


So last night our little “t.v. logger”  (no not the one that goes and cuts down trees for a living) stood us up.  Let’s call him, Bronzy.  It was pretty bad when you get stood up by a co-worker.  He tells us “oh yeah I will go out with you guys and it will be TONS of fun…just text me” (sense the heaaaaavvy sarcasm there…)  Well we texted him and that was the end of it.  Well…no I take that back…we tried texting, calling, etc.  It was as though he was avoiding us like the plague.  Later in the night we had our boss text him and yeah the key phrase was “You’re fired…”  It was pretty comical.  We all felt like American Bad-asses.

Now I must explain our evening.  It was 5 girls, one frozen pizza and pop-tarts, drinks and going to the bars that made this sight so much fun.  Pre-bar was a short walk in the cold to meet up with some friends, at the bar was where the fun truly began.  From dance floor parties, camouflage women wearing jumpsuits making them look unisex–yup definitely smacked the hind end and found out “he” was a “she” OPPS!, laughing at the stupidity of others–like the girl dancing on the table for no apparent reason!, shooting shotty glances from across the room at the jerks talking about us–just because we don’t fit your snotty mold don’t judge!, stripping in the bathroom–I was hot because I had gone dancing in like 3 layers! and finding “nuggets”…..the list of little things is pretty much endless.   Then I stumbled upon a sign in the bathroom while I was taking off my under armor.  I have provided the pic below:

It reads, "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" 🙂

I realized something….I don’t like going into bars that much because of several reasons.  People are dumb.  When I mean dumb, I must tell you I literally mean they go more stupid than they were to begin with!   People try to hit on married men, dance on tables, hit on girls that are clearly not falling for the “You look familiar…Do you live around here?” line…(they are the reason why Aspen can be tricky).  Seriously?

Well I met a lot of great people out and that made all of the silliness worth our while!  🙂  I promise you this!   LOTS of laughter and great company.

We HAD to take a picture with the bear hat! Don't you even begin to judge me!

We made it home at a decent hour, then like girls do, we talk until 3am!  Call time of 7:30am!  Needless to say our old bones were dragging!  Well that is all the update I have for you now.  Happy Saturday!