About par for the course….


This morning, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I woke up disgruntled and irritated.  Then I went to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth.  I noticed after I was done that I used the wrong toothbrush.  Yep, the wrong toothbrush.

I took my car in and a new oil pan is in order….something clinked it.  Great.

Next, I was just irritated for no reason then the story became a trickle down effect.  I was cussing up a storm just because frankly I didn’t care.  I read an article in the news that really aggravated me, someone said something that was just caddy, then out of no where it started to rain….again.

Original plans were as follows:
-Drop car off
-Finish my work and correspondence
-Go drop groceries off at Herb’s
-Pick up samples and go home for the day

Made some email correspondence to pick up some samples and that ended up being one huge mess.  Came back from lunch.  I get an email….”hey we want to leave by 2pm so, please pick them up before that point!  Thanks, see you then!”  Left right away and I wrote down the wrong number, walked into the wrong place then, went to the chamber.  It was across the street so, that wasn’t bad.  Then, I knocked.  And knocked. I called my contact twice while there and no answer…then I got in my car and started back to work.  This wouldn’t have been such a bad situation if I didn’t have to drive 1/2 hour to get there and change my original plans around significantly.   Well she called me back and met me half way.  No real conversation was exchanged except for a thanks.  1 hour and a half of another later…I was finally off to visit Herb.

Pretty well sums it up! Image from: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/200438276-001/Stone

On the drive back into town, I had ripe bananas that were in the car stinking it up.  FYI, I was driving my dad’s car since mine was still in the shop.  My dad CANNOT STAND the smell of bananas…so I roll the windows down.  Then it started raining, so I roll the windows up.  This happened about 5 times.  By this time I am yelling at the skies above me “would you make up your freaking minds!!!  I am trying to avoid a PROBLEM here!?”  Then kept driving.  OH then I forgot!  MY CELL PHONE DIED.  Great.  Just great.

I proceeded to drive straight to work and had my sister drop me off to get my car then I drove straight to Herb’s humble abode.  No time wasted at all.  Herb calls with 2 seconds left of juice on my phone and I show up looking like I had been in a tornado.  Bananas and groceries in hand, no one really said anything.  I did see one of my favorite residence (he totally put me in a great mood) Jimbo who was pulling weeds and checking on his tomato plants.  He is such a kind soul.  He has terminal cancer and just is doing his thing.  Only a matter of time I suppose.  Upon talking to him, I zipped up to see Herb where the only prophetic thing I could say was “Holy Fuck”.  Yup.  That was exactly what I said.  He looked at me with his head turned to the side confused…then he repeated, “HOLY FUCK?, holy fuck??  Sit down lets talk about it.”

I explained my whole day and why it was just so crazy.  We were laughing so hard we were crying.  It was the perfect end to the day.  Then I flat-out told him I was on the rag (because this is the kind of relationship we have) and he just looked and said guys have their own cycle too.  Made me feel better.  He just knows how to cheer me up.  It was just what I needed.  Then we had to get him off to a hair apt. downstairs.  As we got into the elevator, he just repeated “holy fuck” twice under his breath and shook his head.  He was giggling.  I reminded him that was our little secret…hahaha.  Oh man did he get a kick out of that!

I love that man dearly.  I am so blessed to have a friend such as he!


THE CatMan


The Curse of Catherine


I must say I truly believe in the “Curse of Catherine” today of all days.  In my family, we have what we have deemed the “Curse of Catherine”.  On my dad’s side of things, both of my Great Grandmother’s were named Catherine, my grandmother’s middle name was Catherine, my Aunt Cathy (also Catherine)….etc….I think you get the idea.  Well my mom’s side it was the exact same…well sort of but, all you need to know is that this is why it is a “cursed” name.

Catherine’s in my family are known for being opinionated, tell it like it is kind of people, well dressed, klutzy, saying things at inappropriate times, woman on a mission, sometimes moody, etc.  I won’t bore you with the gory details.  Oh did I mention random-funny humorous whatevers… (like things that would never ever happen in a million years to someone else) happen to us all the time?  Anyways, so today I was sitting at lunch and I got approached by a man who very closely resembled and Italian Model.  Yes he was just that good looking!  OMgoodness he was so HOTT.  Sigh.  OK sorry you might start to notice I get off on tangents often….I will try to get back to the root of the story now!  AS I was saying….

This man was so good looking.  NO. Stop.  There was a gentleman that came and asked me if I was all by myself today.  I said yes, I was all by myself.  He was cute, young, and looked like he was a million bucks.  OH and he even smelt like a million bucks!  Well, he asked if he could keep me company since I was all alone.  I accepted.  🙂

Oh I was so flabbergasted that a guy of such a caliber could be sitting with little ole me!  We had a delightful conversation.  It was engaging, lively and most of all he had me so mesmerized!  We ordered our lunch and everything was going so well…As the conversation goes, I always knew that no cute random guy wants to talk to me without a catch!  sigh.  Well, it turns out he is ACTUALLY and Italian hustler looking for a cute girl to pimp out and he thought that I might be looking for some extra cash.  Judging by the way I dressed today, yeah I don’t blame him.  It was pretty bad.  When I jumped on my soap box and informed him in my most stern voice ever that “…I have standards and how dare you think that I could ever be made to look like a 2 ton floozy for cash none the less.  You should be run back to your country for this!  I think you are an ass!”  My voice, which I had been paying NO attention to, kept getting louder and louder and by the “ass” everyone had heard it in the joint.

After that, the little creep got his stuff and picked what little pride and dignity he had left and stuck me with his lunch!  What a jerk!  Needless to say, he must have been the one needing the money because you know like heck I could afford it!  😉  I am a high roller don’t ya know?!  Some people….

Well today was definitely a day for the “Curse of Catherine” to sneak out!  I told you.  Sigh.  Who else would this have happened to??  Oh well….guess we will try again tomorrow!